Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why This "poor boy" Defends The Rich


When I hear the cries of "tax the rich" from Obama or Pelosi or Reid, or the Occupy Crowd, or just liberals in general they fall on deaf ears.   I'm often asked by my liberal friends why I'm so dead set against raising taxes even more on the rich.  

And unlike so many of the liberal philosophies, raising taxes on the rich almost makes sense!  It is true that the rich can afford to pay more, and they can do so with little personal pain.  So why would a guy like me, who makes less than $30k a year defend these rich bastards?

First of all, to me, it's a matter of fairness.  I truly believe that every American should have to have "skin in the game" by paying at least some taxes, if only $10 dollars a year!  The current status quo is perilous!  We have the top 20 percent of income earners now paying 80 percent of all taxes.  And, conversely, we have nearly fifty percent of Americans who pay no taxes at all.  Any time you can show me fifty percent of anybody who are not participating in something, you've got fifty percent who could care less about how things unfold.  

Politicians today will simply not get a grip on our deficit because a good fifty percent of America are not paying taxes and place no political pressure on the pols to fix it!  In fact, most of those fifty percent "nonparticipants" are on the receiving end of some lush government program and it is not in their interest to put the "gravy train" at risk!

Another reason I'll choose the side of the rich over government is because Big Government has shown absolutely no interest in eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in government programs.  We spend more than twice as much as any other developed nation on education, and have some of the most ignorant kids in the world.  Half of them can't read at the 12th grade level at graduation and can't balance a check book.  We spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Presidential and Vice Presidential travel, forking over half a million dollars for one night's stay in a Paris hotel room and far more when Obama climbs into Air Force One.  

We have career Welfare Queens who spend their entire lives on welfare.  We have people swapping their food stamp cards for drugs and cash.  We have GSA staging conventions in Vegas and dining on $5 dollar muffins and $25 dollar shrimp cocktails.  We have the Russian Mafia gaming Medicare for billions in fraudulent medical claims.  We're buying mobility scooters for old people, many of who don't need them, while funding penis pumps for the same crowd.  We broadcast Food Stamp promos into Mexico so that illegals know how to sign up when they cross the border illegally.  We fund the birth of anchor babies, then sign them up for WIC, food stamps, welfare and Medicaid.  Need I go on?

So, while government continues to waste our tax dollars, while Obama and Biden dish out half a million of our tax dollars for a single night in a luxury hotel, while Michelle and girls are vacationing in the Bahamas and at Colorado ski resorts on the taxpayer's dime, I'll continue to defend what rich people have earned and tell Washington to start budgeting like the rest of us.

Finally, let's not forget this:  when Big Government gets their nose under the tent you have total chaos.  Just as the first income tax affected only the rich in the beginning it didn't take long to creep down to the middle class and working poor.  

So, yeah...Mr. and Mrs. Liberal, this poor boy will continue to defend the rich.  Washington already has far too much money to spend and it has corrupted both our society and our institutions.


Ken said...

Keep defending, they are the only one's constantly being attacked. Now I hear the great messiah is putting forth, with his budget recommendations, a new tax on retirement accounts. Anything over 3 million dollars our enlightened leader has deemed, TOO MUCH, and he and his are entitled to the balance. That sounds like a communist punishment for success. With the collapse of so many great societies through history that turned to this type of governance, why do we think it will work here? I wonder when this tax hit the accounts of his lib friends or will they have protections in advance?

Fortunately, I have nothing to worry about here, I could never be described as rich and more than 3 million is not an amount that has ever been entered into my statements. I sure worry about the overall effect it will have on this country though when all the rich begin to drain their accounts for safer havens elsewhere, eliminating one more job creator from the horizon. Maybe that will open the eyes of all the idiots, when all the jobs go away to other shores. They bitch about it a lot now but I guess not enough are gone.

A Modest Scribler said...

You're right Ken, all Obama will accomplish with the money grab is to drive wealth out of the country and hurt the economy and jobs.