Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Biased Liberal Media

The Biased Liberal Media, Part 4 of The Entitlement Series

In Parts 1, 2 and 3 of my Entitlement Series I identified "Victimhood Blacks", "Invading Mexicans" and "Medicaid Queens" as segments of American society who are destroying our country.  In my earlier two blogs entitled "The Second Civil War" and "Obama Re-election Means A 2nd Civil War"  I provide a breakdown and a general timetable of how the second Civil War evolves.  By economic necessity, traditional America will have to war with all three of these segments as we move to take back the America that gave us civil order, peace and prosperity.  To fully understand how the seeds of the coming Civil War were planted, and came to thrive, you really need to read the earlier blogs.

The 4th segment due for a takedown will be an out of control, biased mainstream media who embrace all of the liberal causes that are destroying us.

The liberal media elites have been allowed to thrive by promoting liberal causes and ignoring responsibility to print and broadcast the two principle opposing views on national issues.  The liberal media have become advocates for liberalism and hide behind the first amendment to assure their survival.  The liberal media now stoops to censor and withhold news that might prove detrimental to their liberal icons.

Accordingly, when the first shots are fired at some "American Concord" it will most likely be in the form of patriot economic boycotts of NBC, CBS and ABC.  The New York Times will be at risk as well.   Prior notice may or not be given in the form of a plea for a wake up call.  "Cease advocating and begin honest reporting...or we will destroy you and your means to do any reporting at all."

The ultra liberal Gannett corporation owns their flagship newspaper, USA Today, as well as scores of regional newspapers across the United States.  Gannett's prime editorial goal is to legalize 30 million illegal Mexican invaders.  They have planted advocates for Open Borders and Amnesty on their editorial boards throughout the nation.  These editorial boards are exercising an iron control over what news will be allowed to emerge in their papers.  As an example, Arizona's only newspaper The Arizona Republic, actively censors Hispanic crime news because they have decided explosive Hispanic crime poses a threat to converting Arizonans to accept home invasions, auto theft, murder, kidnapping, hit and run illegal driving incidents and massive ID theft.  Gannett and the Arizona Republic place the sanctity of their Open Borders stance far higher in priority than the safety of Arizona's citizens.

When a Black kid, Trayvon Martin was shot by a "White Hispanic" these bastions of liberalism participated in an orgy of sympathy for Trayvon,  tried mightily to turn it into a "hate crime" trend.  They ran this story into the ground for three weeks, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.  And during that time Blacks were murdering two dozen Blacks on the South Side of Chicago every weekend...and not one liberal newsman even covered the story.  This would have cast the onus on Black Americans, the liberals' "kept" people.

Middle America knows well the liberal icons of the news media.  One only need say the name, Matthews, Maddow, O'Donnell, Couric, Mika, Scarborough, Barnacle, Sawyer, et al, to begin bracing for liberal propaganda gruel to come flowing from their lips, with the real stories about liberal failure buried deep in the studio wastebasket.

So, in the second Civil War traditional America (the makers) will be at war with Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the entitlement class (the takers).  But it will be Segment 4, the liberal media elite, an "entitled class" hiding behind the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution who may indeed be the target for the first revolutionary cannon volley.

Note:  Tomorrow's essay concludes a 5 part Entitlement Class Series.  


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, you have failed to mention FOX News. If ever there was a news agency that was biased, hateful, and chocked full of so many lies it is FOX. I guess when you have absorbed so much of their poison it's hard to find reason in any other media outlets. Pathetic.

JustCommonSense said...

I disagree. While Fox has their conservative analysts, they also have some damn fine news reporters that report both sides of an issue. Even when they are debating a national issue Fox trots out both conservative and liberal pundits to debate. You don't find that in the lame stream media.

Ken said...

Your absolutely right. Until we have an honest media reporting without bias both sides of all stories we will lose. Didn't somebody say, "he who controls the word controls the country" or something like that. I firmly believe it and have watched the change to my country in my lifetime, thanks to the lousy reporting.

To the idiot lib who cites Fox, Go back down to your basement and shut the f**k up, I for one have heard enough of your kind of tripe.

Anonymous said...

I don't read the U.S. newspapers anymore, I go online and read the news, from various countries.

Sometimes what I read in the foreign press and what is reported in this country is totally different.

It will totally give you a peek at just how much news is not being reported by our news outlets.

JustCommonSense said...

Ken, thanks for your "enthusiasm".

Anon; I too am all over the place to get my news. You would have thought with all the cable news stations reporting 24/7 that they could cover the news well. Only Fox and CNN cover the overseas news, the mainstreams stations closed their foreign news bureaus years ago in an effort to save money.

Having lived overseas for over 15 years, and reading their papers, I was able to to get a better world view. If you stick to mainstream papers and TV channels you won't get it. If you get cable try to follow the BBC; they are excellent at filling in the void.

Ken said...

With regard to what Anon said about foreign news, occasionally I peek at the BBC and I'm amazed. The quality of the reports are far superior to what we get here.

JustCommonSense said...

Hi Ken, yeah I was amazed at the BBC's foot print around the world. Of course, they are government sponsored so the bottom profit line is not there but it's very nice to have them reporting the world for us.

Ken said...

I just heard this talk by Pat Caddell a Democrat pollster, it needs to be heard by all, he nails this liberal media problem right on the head. I hope you don't mind me posting this here.