Monday, February 18, 2013

Obama's "Modus Operandi"

Back in the mid-80's we took our kids to their first trip to Disneyland.  The kids enjoyed the rides and attractions and we, mom and dad, just went along for the ride.  One of the attractions I did enjoy was the audio-animatronic Lincoln who would sit in robotic splendor as we sat in the theatre and watched a short film about Lincoln and his beloved home state of Illinois.    At the conclusion of the film, the Lincoln robot would be begin talking and gesturing, reciting bits here and there of his most famous speeches.  As the more fiery elements of his speeches were spoken Lincoln rose from his chair and spoke elegantly "on his feet".

I was really impressed and enjoyed the show immensely.  So, when a couple of years later, the kids wanted a return engagement to Disneyland I readily agreed.  Armed with a roll of ride tickets my kids, now older, took off by themselves, after our agreement to meet at a specific time and place.

And I headed back over to the place that housed the Audio-Animatronic Lincoln.  On this occasion I was disappointed.  Having already seen and heard Lincoln's fine words before, the show was repetitious and boring now and my mind drifted until the show was finally over.

Sadly, I feel just about the same way about our current President, except about 100 times more intensely.  As near as my research can take me, I estimate Barack Obama has made an average of a speech a day, either outside in the Rose Garden, or at a Press Conference, or in one of those slobberingly adoring 60 Minutes Interviews.  So, as near as I can figure, I have heard Obama's programmed "mantra" at least four hundred times.  If we were to play "the drinking game" where one has to take a shot of bourbon every time Obama uses the terms "level playing field", "the rich need to pay a little bit more", "let me be clear", "we can't balance the budget on the backs of the poor", we would all find ourselves raging alcoholics.

I have two Chihuahua dogs.  One is quite calm, the other is a yapper.  She yaps when she perceives it's dinnertime, she yaps when birds appear in the back yard, she yaps when kids three doors down are at play.  After many years I have learned just to tune the yapping out.  I just don't hear it anymore.

President Obama is, sadly, a "yapper" and I too have learned just to tune him out whenever I am unfortunate to run into him on the airwaves.  I know before he even hikes that arrogant chin that I'm going to hear the same old tired doggerel.  And I also know that Obama will soon be climbing into Air Force One to make that same speech on another day, on another "voter-friendly" stage where he is assured an adoring audience who will never challenge him in a public forum.

This is Obama's "modus operandi."  Make a speech from the Rose Garden, then board a plane to carry his divisive doggerel to Cleveland or Chicago or Baltimore or Los Angeles or San Francisco or Detroit, to those "green check havens" that depend on Mr. Obama's generous government largesse for their welfare check, food stamp cards and free cell phones.

Much like Disneyland, this President lives in a fantasy world of his own; a world of perpetual campaign mode where leadership is never required, and where the constant flow of Chinese dollars are borrowed to finance the "hero worship" the man so desperately craves.

Like Disney's robotic Lincoln, our current President need not apply logic to problem solving, need not spend a moment in conference with Congress, need not even possess a heart!  As long as he can utter the pretty words our Pied Piper President shall always have a big parade, even as he leads them off the fiscal cliff.

Sad.  Damned sad.

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