Saturday, February 16, 2013

Midnight In Mexifornia, Mexico

It's Midnight in Phoenix, Arizona.  I just took a call from my wife, who's been visiting her sister in San Jose, California.  My wife, on her last night over there, was a passenger in her sister's family car.  They were on their way home from a seafood dinner with friends in celebration of Lent.  '

Literally, before they knew what hit them, a driver from behind plowed into them, rear-ending them so violently that it sent my wife's family's car spinning out of control on the highway.  Fortunately, my brother-in-law was able to  bring the car under control after several 360 degree spins around the highway and repeated collisions with the concrete medium.

The driver, who rear-ended them fled the scene.  The demographics in the Southwest for these hit and run drivers indicates over 90% of the perpetrators are illegal Hispanics with the remaining ten percent being drunk drivers.

Upon taking this midnight call, I asked my wife if anyone was seriously injured.  She said she's feeling some neck pain from the trauma of the violent collision and that, other than whiplash from the force of the hit everyone seemed to be okay.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

The wife said they were just then standing on the side of the road.  Police and paramedics have arrived at the scene.  She said, as soon as law enforcement completes taking the report they will be transferred to the police station so that they find out where their wrecked car will be towed for repair, then they will be released so that they can call a cab to take them home.

I am not surprised by the hit and run incident.  California (Mexifornia) is now a lawless state infested with ten million illegal Mexicans.  Between the state and municipal traffic reports there are over two hundred hit and run traffic accidents a day now in Mexifornia, over twenty times more than before the illegal invasion.  Law Enforcement in Mexifornia treat these accidents as casually as they would treat a charge of petty theft.  They have become accustomed to it.  Almost always when police are able to run down the hit and run driver they find he's an illegal Mexican, driving without license, car registration or insurance.

The famous Greek Scholar, Stanford Professor, and cultural writer, Victor Davis Hansen recently wrote of being the victim of hit and run accidents on three different occasions in a two year period.  He lives on a small farm just outside Selma, California.  Hansen says that, after the last accident, police were able to apprehend the hit and run driver.  Turned out to be an illegal Mexican woman.  Amazingly, the officer preparing the report tried to talk Hansen out of even filing a report.  The officer told Hansen that his insurance would cover the damages and reporting this accident could only cause much misery for the illegal driver.

So, in the land of the lawless, my wife and her sister's family are standing out on the side of the road, shivering in the cold, waiting for the officer to file his report; a report that will be digitally filed in some master file containing tens of thousands of hit and run accidents in the state of Mexifornia and will never be marked "case solved, case closed".

Just another "routine" incident where the lawless go unpunished and the law abiding suffer.  I'm just glad that everyone walked away without serious injury.  My family could have been one of those unfortunates who are routinely killed or critically injured by an illegal invader who knows no law that ever applies to him, and for a state that welcomes the lawlessness with open arms.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Note:  Just made a follow up call to my wife.  She said the officer who was to transport them from the accident scene had to make another stop on the way; he had to call for backup and handle a drunk driver at another location before they could proceed for home.  Just another night in lawless Mexifornia.


Juaniek95 said...

In the City of Dallas, Texas, they
passed an ordinance that if you are pulled over by law enforcement
and not able to provide proof of insurance, your car will be towed
right on the spot and issued a receipt for the vehicle.

Afterwards, to retrieve your car
after being impounded, you must present the receipt, show proof of
insurance and a drivers license or other ID to have your car
released. This has made it easy for the City of Dallas to remove
uninsured cars that are typically driven by illegals.
Shortly after “No Insurance” ordinance was passed, the Dallas
impound lots began to fill up quickly and were full after nine days.
Turns out that most of the impounded cars were driven by illegals.

Not only must you provide proof of insurance to have your car
released, you have to pay for the cost of the tow, a $350 fine, and

A Modest Scribler said...

Juaniek95..California passed that exact same law a couple of years ago. Then the ultra liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction to stop it, siding with La Raza who accused law enforcement of discriminating against illegals.

Now that liberal Democrats control the California statehouse there is absolutely no chance that any law against illegals will ever be passed.

Finally, most of California's major cities are sanctuary cities for illegals...the state will even find the feds to protect illegals.

Ken said...

I was rear ended a bit north of San Jose, Kali. It was about nine in the morning during traffic. I was hit so hard it sent my Ford F350 utility truck two lanes over. Fortunately no other cars were hit. Amazingly the car that hit me was able to drive away. I was left alone on the road side. I called 911 and was met with an annoyed operator who said they no longer sent officers to the scene unless I demand it or there is an injury. She told me just to go to a CHP office and file a report. The driver was probably an illegal the cop told me at his office and would probably never be found. This just sucks. That sadly is where the story ends another "shit ass" gets away with it.

Not long ago a drunk illegal hit and killed a driver on the delta roads east of us and was released from jail before trial. He was a repeat offender and was supposedly deported after his last DUI offense. Now he is nowhere to be found. Maybe, as Mitt Romney suggested, he self deported. Bullshit... What a mess beautiful California has become since these pigs have overrun the state.

A Modest Scribler said...

I know Ken. Those 200 hit and runs a day in california sound too horrible to believe....until you realize who's doing them.

Ken said...

I like the Fast and Loud show, and the season opener tonight they restore a 67 mustang convertible to bring it up to a $35,000 car. They take the car 1/8 mi to install last item, the convertible top. Illegals run a red light total the mustang, no insurance, police come take a report, no arrests, cost to Fast and Loud $23,000 and cannot turn it into his insurance for fear of being cancelled. Life in the Sad Old USA and our scourge, the wetback. It wouldn't be so bad if they would just deport the people who further disrespect our laws, first by crossing illegally then by flipping their middle finger at our laws. Is it any wonder no one respects us anymore, and we are on our ass, trillions in debt. I need to obey laws? No more...bullshit, a war is coming soon, FBI says 2014

Cayla Dupont said...

Everything went fast, so they weren't able to react right away. It's a good thing that nothing serious happened to them though. Ugh, people these days... I bet the driver doesn't have auto coverage which is why he got off so quickly. Does he even have a driver's license? I wonder. It's just really sad that they didn't get the plate number. He won't be able to escape if that's the case.

Cayla Dupont @ Harlan Insurance