Monday, February 4, 2013

Cinema Chicken Hawks Like Stallone

I see where Sylvester Stallone has come out in support of a ban on assault weapons.  Doesn't surprise me at all.  Stallone's cinema career is dead, he's made all those millions playing heroic Vietnam war heroes and macho men and can now sit behind locked gates, employ a security team,  and say to hell with truth and reality.

It's ironic that guys like Van Damme and Stallone and Arnold all made their fortunes in movies that championed the most vulgar and dispicable violence ever brought to the silver screen.  And not a damn one of them felt the call to serve their country.  Heroics are easy when you've got a team of stunt men to do the dirty work, where there's no threat to their own safety, and where they can wait for "cut" and retreat to their palatial trailer for a break from the action.  It is far different when you live in the "real world" and must protect yourself.

None of this is new.  Some of our most successful action heroes were cowards in real life.  John Ford and John Wayne parted ways when the Duke decided to apply for a waiver from WWII service because, as he put it, "I'm now at the height of my fame, just now starting to make the big money, and don't want to jeopardize that success by having to take a break from show business and serve."  And yet, even today alot of people idolize John Wayne as the ultimate cinema hero.

But getting back to today's movie wusses.  Stallone wouldn't know a semi-automatic from an assault weapon if Arnold cracked him in the face with one.  But we're supposed to now fall in line with these cinematic elite and support restrictions on gun ownership.  I didn't buy Stallone during his whole career so why would I buy anything he says now.  After Rocky 1, Stallone just rode that fame for the next thirty years in a series of very bad movies.

I'll tell you who the "real" brave heroes are:  actors who are openly conservative and try to keep working in a liberal Hollywood that "blacklists" anyone who doesn't cow-tow to liberal dictates.

Lock and Load; the rest of us live in the real world.

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