Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dictatorship, Obamanites & Pied Piperism

Last November 7th at least 48% of us woke up and were stunned to learn that America had voted to re-elect Barack Obama.  30 million unemployed Americans, $6 trillion dollars added to the national debt in four short years, Gross Domestic Product growth half of the historic average, and the failure of Obama's "Arab Spring" strategy in the Middle East simply were not failures enough to change leadership.

We were no less amazed when we learned that, even before Obama was sworn into a second term, Congressman Jose Serrano, Democrat from New York, introduced a bill in Congress that would abolish the 22nd Amendment (HJ 15, introduced on 8 Jan 2013).  The proposed bill has now made its way to the House Judiciary Committee, to be prettied up before it goes for a floor vote, thus eliminating the two term limits for Presidents.

Most of us are also surprised at the mad glee among Democrats who have labelled Obama's 2% popular vote win as an impressive mandate for more massive spending and a continuing effort to shred both the United States Constitution and the last vestiges of our nation's moral fiber.

But really, when we look at this phenomenon from a historical perspective we shouldn't be surprised.  For over two thousand years dictators, whether monarchical or other, have always been able to assume and maintain power by way of subterfuge or ruse.

Monarchs, typically corrosive, corrupt and in-bred, maintained power by declaring a direct link between the people and their gods.  The Divine Right of Kings offers the concept that a monarchical leader can do no wrong simply because he was God's choice!  Were he not God would not have willed him into that position.

In the last century the fates brought us a leader who was able to demonize huge swaths of humanity, and deeming himself as "savior".  Adolph Hitler came to power by demonizing the Jews and the Allied Powers who brought Germany to her knees at the conclusion of World War I.  Hitler was so successful that he was able to assume direct responsibility for the death of 50 million people world-wide during the Second World War.

How do tyrants win their massive power grabs?  It seems it is always a matter of timing.  In the Age of Monarchs, the despot simply agreed to align themselves with the Catholic Church who could successfully carry the religious message that poverty and peasantry was Godly.  In exchange for that "Devil's Bargain", the church received its fair share of the booty and the monarchy got theirs.

Obama's march to power has come from a demonization campaign not unlike Hitler's crusade against Jewry.  He has now become the King of the Secular, accusing those Americans who "cling to their guns and their god" as somehow just being ignorant dunces who no longer have a place in Obama's secular Kingdom.  An Obama "family" may very well be a marriage between two men, two women, and perhaps, "man and dog" before it's all over.  Obama's Kingdom is a multi-cultural hodpodge of political interest groups; radical Hispanicism, "street cred Blacks" drawing federal Green Checks and Food Stamps, free cell phones and preferential quotas which not only give them a seat at the table, but the prime seats, front and center.  Because Obama's followers have so little moral turpitude, he must maintain power through the pimping of federal benefits, thus the massive trillion dollar annual budget deficits.  Obama's religion is that of the "worship of Big Government" who will take care of you, cradle to grave, as long as you're willing to obey the Big Government "rules".

And who else but a politician schooled in Chicago politics is better prepared to cobble together diverse interest groups, united only by their collective lust for federal largess and declare himself "emperor?"

Yes, Obama's political success, in the face of massive leadership failure, has been a combination of timing, talent and a charismatic wooing of the secularly lustful.  So we shouldn't be surprised by Obama's re-election.

And who knows; perhaps if Obama can demonize Republicans for another couple of years, perhaps if he can continue labelling all who oppose him as "racists", he can achieve majority in both houses of Congress and get that 22nd Amendment repealed and declare himself "Emperor for Life".


Mike Hunt said...

If only more people would open their eyes and see what is happening. Sadly sheep are being led to slaughter

A Modest Scribler said...

Mike, many folks are harder to awake than others...but it's coming and it's not going to be pretty.