Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mexico Demands List Of American Gun Owners


The Mexican Senate has drafted legislation that would demand that the Obama administration turn over a list of all American gun owners who live in the border states.   So far neither Obama, or his Director of Homeland Security have responded to these demands.

This kind of got me to thinking about Mexico's rationale for wanting to have this information.  Anyone who lives in a border state is well aware of those little orange pamphlets that the government hands out to illegal Mexicans who are planning to cross the border.  The pamphlets provide maps designating routes to take which are most likely to get you into the U.S. without getting caught.  They also show watering holes and water aid stations placed in the desert to aid illegal invaders along their route.

So, it is not beyond reason that the Mexican government wants to include addresses of gun-toting Americans in those infamous orange phamplets so that the invaders might do a little home invading to score an arsenal of weapons to bolster their human smuggling and drug smuggling.  Or perhaps, they just want to warn away invaders who might accidentally trespass on an American gun toter's property as they navigate their way to Phoenix or Mexifornia.

As far as I'm concerned it makes no difference;  the Mexican government has no business getting involved in who's "packing" in America.

As soon as I read of Mexico's demand for American gun owner information I expected our President to quickly tell them to take a flying leap....then I remembered who our President is.

Standby for news...let's see if Obama bows to Mexico's request.  After all, this would certainly score The Anointed One and the Democrats more Hispanic votes.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Ken said...

What a tragic end to a great history. Hand over the security of the American public to a gangland government is just shameful and at least treasonous I would think. I cannot think of a single president who I could imagine capable of being so cavalier with our security until this son of a bitch. I would agree that this list would end up in the hands of those cartels leading to robberies and murders in this country for our weapons. I can imagine the only outcry from this side of the border would be one of, "they should have turned in their guns when we gave them the chance, it's not mexico's fault that right wing extremists keep such an attractive nuisance strewn about their homes".
The hate, frustration and anger is building to a more feverish pitch than I have ever seen before. I think we are going to see at least some violent outbursts before too long.
I am not a person who gets driven to hatred but I really have to say, the way I'm feeling anymore sure feels like it, if it aint it'll do until the real thing comes along.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, every day I see more and more evidence that our 2nd Civil War is coming on right on schedule as I wrote about last year. Obama's reelection only accelerates the schedule.