Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sequester The Molester

Well, as I predicted yesterday, Obama trotted out a federal largess interest group and put them on stage behind him as he commanded Congress stop the Sequester that he proposed last year from taking effect next week.  In this case he had three rows of $150,000 dollar per year cops and firefighters standing behind him as he sought to take the high road on the budget deficit.

And again he trotted out the Trotsky-esque, Communistic charge that we must stick it again to "millionaires and billionaires" despite the fact that Congress just gave him last month the tax raise on the rich that he asked for.  Now, unable to work with a a blank check, and a credit card from China, Obama is asking Congress for more money.  The $1.6 trillion dollar in deficit spending is not enough for Obama's taste.

The problem with Obama's "cry wolf" strategy is the tiny amount of cuts that actually take effect if Sequester actually goes into effect.    Of the total $2.6 trillion dollar annual budget, Sequester will cut a minute $85 billion or about 4% of the entire budget.  The tax paying middle class can tell Obama and Pelosi and Reid how easy it is to cut 4% of their budget!  Our decaying middle class has had to sacrifice a hell of a lot more than 4 cents on the dollar during the past four years.

Hell, Obama took almost that much out of your paycheck last month when the payroll tax went back to 6.2%!

And, please, let's keep this in perspective.  Even this $85 billion dollar Sequester cut is not a true budget cut; it is only cut in the rate of federal spending.  Obama, even with this cut, will spend more this year than he did last year!

Want a good laugh?  Go to the Congressional Budget site.  Just three weeks ago Congress passed a so-called Hurricane Sandy relief bill totally $60 billion dollars.  Only $10 billion of that actually goes for hurricane relief.  The other 50 billion?....yep, you guessed it...it went for earmarks for pet projects in congressional districts that are thousands of miles from Hurricane Sandy.

Maybe, when things get really tough Congress might "borrow" from that $50 billion pork barrel piggy bank to pay the salaries of those cops and firefighters making $150,000 a year and eligible for that same amount after 20 years of service!

Oh well, I had a good laugh this morning.  I laughed until I cried at Obama's dog and pony show this morning.  But no crocodile tears for folks living off the government tit that are making six times my annual income.


Ken said...

I spent a little while last weekend watching this video explaining in some detail the provisions of Agenda 21, the "Sustainable Planet" ideas of the UN. I will put the link below if you haven't seen it. It sure explains a lot of what I am seeing with the huge spending. I also checked my county's web site and found several of the programs listed in the video already in place. I could kick myself for waiting so long to investigate this. I thought it was the brainchild of conspiracy folks as outlandish as it sounds. It is conspiratorial in nature and largess but no fantasy, it is real. One of the main demands of Agenda 21 is to abolish capitalism as it will not work within the program. It then goes on to call for the ruination of almost everything we hold dear in this country, like private property ownership, vegetable gardens, etc. etc.. The biggest of the provisions is Social Equality by transfer of wealth to poor or developing nations from rich nations.

Every time I here this occupant open his mouth now I see the end of our country. Amazingly it was Bush who signed us on to this, so we can't trust republicans either. Sad


A Modest Scribler said...

Just watch "Obama 2016", Ken. Says it all.