Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barack & Michelle's Great Media Whoredom

Okay, so the other night I'm watching the Oscars.  Haven't watched them for years cause I don't go to movie theaters anymore and won't be seeing any of the nominated movies until they show up on TNT late next year.  Another reason I don't watch the Oscars regularly is because I can't seem to give a damn what star is wearing what dress designer's work and don't want to hear all the liberal Hollywood snark oozing through botox-enhanced celebrity lips.

But I must admit I was a bit intrigued about the bio-pic "Lincoln" so I tuned into to see how it would do in competition.  In watching through the night I was pleased to see there was much less politics injected into the program.  Then, just as the program is coming to a conclusion, out trots Michelle Obama to present the Best Picture Award!

"Damn", I said.  "Is there anything I can watch where the media whoredom of Barack and Michelle don't invade the airwaves?"  Is it not enough that Barack boogies out to the Rose Garden for his daily sermon?  Is it not enough that Barack is now a "regular" on "60 Minutes" as the interviewer literally slobbers over in adoration of Barack?  Is it not enough that all three main stream networks actively cover up the anointed one's mistakes and cast hosannahs his way each morning and evening?  And is it not enough that Obamanites David Ploufe and Robert Gibbs have augmented Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz and Rachel, et al, and are now "reporting" on Obama's greatness 24-7 on MSNBC?

I used to watch Leno until I found Barack is almost a regular.  Then, in some incestuous manipulation he and Michelle wormed their way onto Jimmy Kimmel and Letterman and Fallon too?

What warped sense of "adoration addiction" do these two possess?  Doesn't Michelle have a couple of teenage daughters to raise?  Doesn't Barry have a country to run?  Why this need to be constantly slobbered over and adored by liberal Hollywood and the liberal media?  Is there something missing in their character that they find being leadership icons not enough for them?

So, last night when Michelle trotted out to present the award to "Argo", I said "I Go" and turned off the set.

I have a feeling when Obama has run down this country as far as it can go, when Obama must finally release the reins of the Presidency, he and Michelle will not hit the speaking tour right away, the route to riches for Hillary and Bill.  No, I think they'll probably start their own reality show and then America's liberals can follow their lives throughout the day...and slobber accordingly.

It's ironic that our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, plotted war, comforted war widows, signed the Emancipation Proclamation, wrote his own speeches, and did it all in the private confines of the White House.  Leadership can be a lonely thing indeed.  And Honest Abe made fewer speeches in his entire Presidency than Obama makes in a single week.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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Ken said...

and remarkably "Honest Abe" did it all without a teleprompter and TV! Where was 60 minutes during the Civil War? Huh? Answer that! Oh that's right, Abe was a republican, I forgot.