Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blacks; Still Another Free Pass

Yesterday morning Jessie Jackson Jr. and his wife, adorned with a campaign donation-funded fur coat, paraded into court and pled guilty to using over $750,000 dollars in campaign funds to purchase home furnishings, elk heads, Michael Jackson's guitar, a bedroom makeover for their daughter, expensive furnishings for their two homes in Chicago and Washington and a host of other luxuries.

First up was JJJ, blubber-lipped and teary-eyed as he stood before the judge and pled guilty.  Then the wife stood and sobbed so deeply that the word "guilty" was barely intelligible.  They had little choice.  The court had a list of purchase receipts that was almost as thick as Nancy Pelosi's Obamacare bill.

So far the Feds have ignored the FBI investigation that charges JJJ with offering several million dollars to the former (now incarcerated Illinois Govenor) in exchange for getting to fill Obama's old Senate seat in Illinois.  JJJ could have joined the "big boys" in plundering the federal piggy bank if he could have succeeded in buying that seat!

So what was the main stream media's reaction to these heinous crimes, now admitted to in court?  This morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Scarborough and Mika and company were lamenting this great tragedy.  On CNN the news pundits were offering prayers to Jackson and his family and hoping for future redemption.

But it was the public statement of the prosecutor in this case that gagged me.  The prosecutor, who happens to be Black, stood in front of the courthouse and praised Jackson as an outstanding spokesman for the Black community, offered prayers for his family, and then offered that, after a short prison term, JJJ would redeem himself, comeback stronger than ever and resume his anointed position as a valued leader of the Black community.

Only in an America with such massive collective white guilt could felonious criminals like Jessie Jackson Jr., Tax Felon Al Sharpton, and Tax Felon Charlie Rangel be hailed as "supreme leaders" for their race.

Quite frankly the only defense I can see for any of the above cited three is that they are a product of their environment; Chicago, the most politically corrupt city in America, and Harlem, the "Disneyland" for Green Check recipients.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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