Monday, April 2, 2012

"Sharptonia"; Our 51st State


Al Sharpton hates America.  Millions of Blacks hate America.  Folks, we can't survive with all these folks hating us.  To rectify this, I propose we establish a 51st State.  Since Al Sharpton, despite his tax fraud, is beloved by so many Blacks, let's let Al Sharpton be their first Governor, and let's honor him by naming the state after him.

Sharptonia, our 51st state, will have rigid racial standards.  Only Blacks can live in Sharptonia.  All government positions, all police and firefighters, all positions of responsibility will be filled by Blacks and Blacks only.  All social programs will be funded by Black taxpayers.  All prisons and schools and government infrastructure will be funded by Black taxpayers.

All laws and all ordinances shall be written by the Black residents of Sharptonia.  Sharptonia will be exempt from paying taxes into the national treasury and is likewise forbidden to draw funds from the national treasury.  Sharptonia shall be exempt from all national laws since they view them as discriminatory anyway.

Once all Blacks live in Sharptonia they will no longer have the White Man to oppress them.  They will no longer have the White Man holding him down.  Black youth will no longer feel threatened by Whites and will be free to wear Hoodies and allow their underwear to show above their pants and they can spray graffiti wherever they like.

This seems to me to be the ideal solution to all the Black hate.  Al Sharpton will no longer be so angry.  Jessie Jackson will no longer have to preach about White suppression.  Louis Farrakhan can begin to speak in lower tones.  Barack Obama can live there and need never again speechify about class warfare.  Michelle Obama need never have to say she's not proud of her "country".

All other Blacks, who are not consumed with "White Hate", and who don't make excuses for their failures may opt to live in the rest of America.

Best of all, I'm going to make a fortune since I just filed an exclusive patent for the T-Shirt contingent:  I'll shortly be taking orders for T-Shirts.  The T-Shirts will read:  "Sharptonia"; OUR 51st STATE".

Get your orders in early, folks.  I have a feeling these will sell out in record time!


Ole' retired guy said...

Best idea in years!

Anonymous said...

What a joke. They will still complain that the land was barren, it was too cold, too warm, etc.. So I suggest you give them three states, all with great ports, infrastructures, and heavy industry. Hell I live in one of those states and I would be willing to donate my property. One, Maryland, Two, Mass. , and Three California. Hell throw in Michigan too. Wonder how long it will take to look like the hood with crime only matched by Mexico?

Anonymous said...

I always felt that way.
if they are unhappy and complain about everything, they could find another place, a different set of laws and govern. Their own police, their own jails. Maybe they wont put anyone in jail and live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

I think we all know it would be total chaos in less then a week. The murder rate would be 50%, 0 paid income taxes and every drug you can think of would be legal. Never happen.

Anonymous said...

You guys ever hear of Liberia? That's sharptons dream. It was at one time a state for freed slaves. It was their "reparations" their OWN country with their OWN rules & gov't....looks like business as usual, daily tnb, massive chimpouts...etc.