Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney/Republicans; Tie One Hand Behind Their Back

I like Mitt Romney.  I think he's a very intelligent, kind and decent man.  No, he wasn't my first choice as a candidate for President, but he'll do.  However, Romney is not likely to defeat Barack Obama and the Republicans will not garner an overwhelming majority in Congress, as is their goal.

Why?  Because Romney and Republican congressional candidates have tied one hand behind their back, thus making it easy for Obama and the Democrats to demagogue Republicans as the party of the rich.

I don't believe this is true.  I think the real enemy of the working man, and the working poor, are free-spending Democrats whose failure to join with the Republicans in cutting spending will eventually destroy  our social service safety net.  Compounding this massive failure to address the deficit will be the eventual storm of high inflation which always follows the easy money policies the Fed has managed for over three years now.

Let's look at how the Republicans will lose this one:

1)  Obama flits around the country promoting the "Buffett Rule", that seemingly magic fix for our budget problems.  Never mind that Obama's actual proposal is really taxing far more people than just millionaires.  While Obama squeals for a squeeze of "millionaires and billionaires" his actual proposal raises the taxes on anyone who makes over $200,000 dollars per year.

2) Americans love the sound of soaking it to the rich, especially the tens of millions who draw a check from the government.  Yes, the 52% who pay no income taxes.  Americans do not care to dig any deeper than Obama's demogoguery.  It's far too easy to attack the "fat cats".

3) The Republicans are bound and determined that we not raise the taxes on anyone.  They claim that far too many of those "millionaires" are really small businesses that gross a million a year but who fall far below millionaire status.  That's fine as far as it goes.  Fine, go ahead and say that.  However, when Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and Mike Bloomberg are begging to have their taxes raised, why in hell won't Republicans raise them?  To counter Obama's goofy Buffett Rule proposal why won't the Republicans show compromise?  Why won't they say "okay, while we are concerned about job losses by punishing small business, we agree that those netting over, say, a million a year, yeah, let's raise their taxes".  But we absolutely oppose your plan to raise taxes on families making $200k per year".

This would take the wind out of Obama's class warfare ploy and then we can all take a good look at how much revenue these billionaires and millionaires would give us!   The Congressional Budget Office has already estimated new revenue of not more than $50 million dollars and would fund Obama's deficit spending for 38 minutes!  The Republicans could then throw the ball back to Obama's court and ask "how, now, Mr. President do you propose trimming that $2 trillion dollar per year deficit?

4) Mitt Romney and the Republican Congressional candidates are, for the most part, "mush-mouths".  They will never be able to talk as smoothly as Obama.  One reason is because Republicans tend to deal with the reality of life while Democrats paint bright and lovely dreams of making everyone healthy and wealthy and wise...but the dreams have no solidity to them.

Witness the Democrats' phony War on Women, based solely on conservative opposition to publicly fund birth control pills and late stage abortions.  Not one conservative, not even Rush Limbaugh, said women shouldn't have access to birth control; they simply don't believe we have to borrow more money from China to pay for it!

Yet, Democrats are winning the propaganda war.  Obama is winning his race war and his class warfare war.  Dems have come out swinging and providing what too many people want: easy answers.
The Republicans, like good parents, are pointing out the pitfalls and the costs for those easy answers.

And they do so with one hand tied behind their back.  If Republicans lose in November, we all lose folks.  This nation cannot endure another four years of Obama's broken promises.


John said...

I totally agree. If Obama is relected for another four years he will throw us into a recession that only the millionaires and billionaires will be able to recover from for many many years. I don't think Romney is the answer to our dreams but he will be a heck of a lot better than what we have now. We need to get behind Romney and make sure he is elected if we can.

JustCommonSense said...

Agree....and if nothing else, we might have someone who would spend less. Obama is on track to run up $7 trillion in debt in four years.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree... Anything/anybody but Obama!Failures love Socialism so we basically have a country full of failures and the only way they can be a success is to make everyone sink to their level. Then they by comparission come out ahead. What a sad state of affairs that instead of working hard and rising above these people rather be lazy and take away all the things that hard working people have achieved.

Ken said...

Since obama fell victim to his own propaganda regarding the Buffet rule (he paid less than his own secretary)I don't think he can get much traction there. He wins though, I think your American's Leaving entry becomes even more relevant, this country will go the way of your streaky toilet (yes I read them all)
For some reason I feel that if Mitt keeps up his positive message and obama keeps slandering republicans we will win. Did I mention I hate obama. I'm not a Romney fan but I am much more not an obama fan.

JustCommonSense said...

Ken, thanks for the comments. With regard to your link I am well aware of Obama's Environmental Justice units. This is part of Obama's plan to implement Cap and Trade restrictions in his second term.

As he tried to to in his first year, he is expecting to have the political freedom to severely punish any company and any individual who are getting their energy from fossil fuels. Note that he established the Environment Justice (enforcement) units under the Dept of Homeland Security so that he can hammer out his punishments in the name of national security.

Obama believes that, once he gets re-elected and does not have to worry about running for office again, he is then free to allow his natural "socialist" self emerge and shape America in his image.

Sadly most folks know nothing about these EJ units nor what they say about Obama's long term plans.