Friday, April 27, 2012

Obama Loves To Spend; Just Hates Paying the Damned Bill!

Well, The Anointed One is having another "snit fit".  He's traipsing around the country on Air Force One (at $2 million dollar per flight), to stand up before college students and tell them that the mean Republicans are blocking him from giving them an extension of their reduced interest rates on their student loans.

Know why Obama is upset?  The Republicans passed the reduced interest extension as Obama wants; they just included in their bill a means to "pay for it!".  Obama and his liberal free spenders want the bill to pass... but they want to add the bill on to the current $16 trillion dollar deficit!

It seems the Republicans targeted funds from a section of Obamacare to pay the $6 billion dollar costs of subsidizing the reduced interest student loan program.  The line item the Republicans have accessed was from Obama's slush fund meant to support free abortion and birth control for the "victim class".  Now Obama is screaming that the Republicans are once again threatening the health of women!  The only problem with Obama's rants is that he, himself siphoned funds from that same line item just last year to pay for another freebie program!  Now he's crying that it should be untouchable!

Can Obama's political rants be more transparent?  Are the American people really that stupid?  Are they going to buy this latest socialist rant in the face of the facts?  Well, Obama's gambling that you all are!

To be fair, Obama has always opposed any Republican effort to actually pay for any program Obama asks for.  He seems to love to spend...but he'll be damned if anyone expects him to pay the bill!

Bottom Line:  Take the credit card from this SOB come November!  We're tapped out!


Ken said...

Just out of curiosity, what happens when the Supreme Court puts the kibosh to obummercare? They seem to be hittin' it like Lyndon Johnson hit my Social Security and the program's future is dubious at best.

I'm still with your tax revolt!

JustCommonSense said...

Hi Ken. Assuming the Supreme Court shoots down the mandate, Obama loses his source of funding. He'll have to "put it on the deficit tab" if he wishes to keep Obamacare going. God willing, Obamacare will die in Jan 2013 when Obama has his ass handed into a car driving away from the White House.