Monday, April 30, 2012

Mel Gibson; A Mirror To His Soul

They say that the eyes are a mirror to the soul.  Take a good look at Mel Gibson.  The man is only 55 years old!  He looks like he's pushing 70!  Does anyone remember the clean cut, handsome guy who did Mad Max?  What a change.  What has caused this dramatic change in Gibson's appearance?

Part of it is the drinking problem.  Not all.  Take a look at Dean Martin at the same age.  Dino love to take a snort or two and he looked like Adonis.

I don't know Mel Gibson personally but he's had his hateful rants on public exhibition for a decade now.  Rants against Jews, against Mexicans, against non-Catholics, against gays.  And I don't mean simply taking a social or political opinion about a particular lifestyle; I'm talking about Gibson's ability to gin up some serious hate against anyone who doesn't agree with his personal choices.

Of late, Gibson has developed a fondness for spousal abuse.  The recordings document his loud and extremely abusive rants against his last wife and they are truly frightening.

Now we have the latest recordings released in which Gibson totally flips out while hosting screenwriter Joe Esterhas and his family last December.  Ironically, Gibson was unhappy with the screenwriter's delay in getting a script to him.  The script was for a proposed movie that championed the heroics of Jews.  No doubt this was still another Gibson effort to re-invent his anti-Jew image.  But as one listens to the dry, raw screams of a man losing his last vestige of sanity, one wonders how and when it will all end.

Mel Gibson is a billionaire, having earned more than $2.5 billion dollars in the U.S. alone, through his acting, producing and directing efforts.  Being that wealthy, he can insulate himself somewhat from public opinion.  The fact that, despite this vast wealth, the hateful craziness still manages to ooze out to the public is a testament to the degree of hate burning within Gibson's soul.

Alas, even if Gibson was able to put a gag on every tantrum that occurred we might very well see it in his face.  Like a reverse "Dorian Gray",  the real Mel Gibson, the one with the white hot hate at his inner core, is appearing on his face, like a roadmap to his soul.  We've seen that same level of madness before:  take a look at those WWII newsreels and look into the eyes of Adolph Hitler.  One could see the fire of hate roaring from those orbs.  Take a look at the eyes of Charlie Manson.

I do not hate Mel Gibson.  I have long ago surrendered the luxury of hating anyone.  I refuse to diminish my soul by succumbing to hate.  Rather, I feel sorry for Mel Gibson.  Being someone who loves the idea of "redemption" I am cheering for Mel Gibson to somehow find the strength to conduct a thorough evaluation of Gibson, the man, and do whatever it takes to rid himself of his destructive demons.

But for now, forget Mad Max; it is Mad Mel who needs help.


Mustbeyou said...

You're right. There's something inside.

A billioniare. Still screaming.


JustCommonSense said...

Sad, isn't it? Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.