Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Obama's Guile; Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

A couple of weeks ago President Obama, while attending a leadership conference in Seoul, South Korea, was conversing with Russian leader Medvedev.  Assuming his mike was dead, Obama told the Russian leader that this was his last election.  After, he said, I'll have more flexibility.  Every State Department head knew Obama was speaking of going back on America's Nato Agreement to provide American made missile defense systems to our NATO allies in Eastern Europe.

These strictly defensive missile defense systems were aimed to protect our allies against Russian and/or Iranian offensive missile attack.  Now, Obama is attempting to back away from America's promise in order to appease the Russians and settle the Iranians down a bit.

While this is certainly more of Obama's appeasement policy, my concern is the way Obama handled it.  Not wanting to lay his cards on the table for the American people, Obama chose dishonesty and guile, and he has practiced these policies throughout his first campaign and throughout his Presidency.

How many of you remember those debates with Hillary Clinton on healthcare?  Do you remember when Hillary insisted that a healthcare mandate was necessary, Obama said he would not support a mandate.  Why?  Because he knew damn well the American people do not like having Big Government telling them what they may and may not participate in.  We all know what Obama ended up doing; the Supremes are getting ready to tell Obama he violated the Constitution when he enacted the law.

How about when Obama said he was going to "bring us together".  How's that working out?  He has done more to promote class warfare than any President in our history.  Knowing he must have the support of that 52% who pay no taxes, and knowing he must have the vote of every welfare recipient, Obama has chosen to demonize the wealthy, demonize business and demand that the top 20% of wage earners, who now pay 70% of all tax revenue, pay more!

How about Obama's pledge to work with both political parties to get things done?  All one need do is go back and watch C-Span video of those liberal Dems secluding themselves in the back rooms to ram $787 billion in pork stimulus to "revive the economy".  And how about the Health Care legislation?  The Democrat controlled Congress voted down every Republican amendment to that law and Obama dissed Paul Ryan when he tried to give the President the figures on the actual cost of the program.

How about Obama's pledge to walk away from the same old corrupt Washington and stay away from Lobbyists and Special Interests?  After getting elected Obama hired guys like Rahm Emanuel, he of the corrupt Chicago mob.  Then, position after position, Obama hired lobbyists and tax cheaters to fill his cabinet and executive staff.  Even his Secretary of the Treasury cheated on his taxes and was caught; didn't phase Obama as he brought him along anyway.

Although Obama won't tell you, if he gets re-elected he's going to have the "flexibility" to ram Cap and Trade Energy legislation down your throat and you'll end up paying triple rates on your electric bill.

Do you believe immigrants should come here legally and be deported if they invade illegally?  Obama's first act after re-election will be to legalize those 30 million illegals already here...and start a massive invasion of millions more who will invade in future years.

Obama has already said "this is my last election".  Can you imagine the damage he's going to do once he no longer feels constrained by our Constitution or fear from voter opposition?   Get ready for massive tax increases and even bigger Big Government programs...and a $25 trillion dollar national deficit!

Seniors!  Be prepared to have even more money robbed from Medicare and Social Security to pay for more socialist programs for those who never paid into the system to begin with!

If America sits on their hands and allows Obama to get re-elected she deserves whatever she gets.  If you, America, are just a little wary of Obama's "flexibility" you better make damned sure you get out there and vote to send Obama back to Chicago.  He's proven time and time again you must look at what he's done and not what he "says".


Anonymous said...

2 party system not working...especially with another selection of clowns the other party sent out.

Anonymous said...

Your blog sucks

JustCommonSense said...

Re "Your Blog sucks"; Thanks, coming from you that's quite a compliment. After all, the wisdom and beauty of your words speak of you intelligence and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Ron Emanuel???


JustCommonSense said...

Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are indeed Lost in America...emphasis on Lost.

JustCommonSense said...

Brilliant, anon! Although you were unable to counter one single point of my essay, I have to say your response is so brilliant that I just have to accept your genius!

Andy said...

Notice the mindset of the liberal. Unable to break the argument they resort to name calling.
Isn't that what 8 year olds do on the playground?

JustCommonSense said...

Andy, you are so right; when one reads the political message boards it is largely the liberals who sneer and name call. Libs are also the first to flag you off a board, especially if you have said something they are embarrassed by or can't defend.

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