Sunday, April 22, 2012

Americans Renouncing Their Citizenship

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called "Man Without A Country; Me".  On that blog I lamented what America has become; an America I no longer recognize.  An America that believes we must punish the productive and reward the lazy.  An America, where the majority now pay no taxes and are satisfied with living off a government check.  An America that has become more socialistic than Communist China, and an America that is all too willing to saddle their children and grandchildren with massive debt and no hope for a better life than we have had.

I also said in that blog that, if I were younger, I would break my lance, retire my steed to pasture and give up dueling with the windmills of injustice.  I would find a little village in some small pocket of the world and tell America to go to hell.

Alas, I'm not alone.  Two days ago I read a news report that, for the first time in our grand history, Americans, by thousands, are now renouncing their American citizenship and opting to live out their lives elsewhere.    The report went on to say that this trend will intensify in the future as America becomes a hodgepodge of foreign invaders and a "victim class" of people who believe the government owes them free health care, free food, racial preference quotas for education, free grants for education, free housing, government debt forgiveness and, last of all, a free monthly government paycheck.

The war against the "producers" in America has been waging for decades.  Beginning with the massive government growth generated by the Great Society legislation in the mid 60's, politicians have found they can secure and maintain political power by establishing a huge block of "victim class" voters who time and time again re-elect politicians who will promise them the most... and ask of them the least.

Battles in this war have been fought state by state.  As state governments in New York, California, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon and Washington have evolved into state governments ruled by liberal socialists, the productive began to flee those states to other states that maintained the political and social principles that made America great.  That migration is becoming less and less possible.

Alas, the federal government has now grown so massive that it has managed to usurp the power of states to define their own destiny.  This has left both citizen and local government rights, as dictated by the U.S. Constitution, to be trampled by the heavy hand of Washington, D.C.

Whether it be religious freedom or immigration control or school choice, the federal government has made life untenable for those who wish to live in a free America.

With nowhere else in America to escape the long tentacles of the Feds, moral and productive Americans are now voting with their feet....and amazingly to nations that aspire to be what America once was!

Oh, the American dream is still alive, just not in America!   Sadly, those dreams espoused by our founders are emanating from small pockets of freedom seekers in Eastern Europe, in pocket of Asia and anywhere one is rewarded for having a moral compass, a willingness to work and achieve, and a place where achieving wealth and success does not making you a target of those who seek to take what you have earned.

America's fate?  We don't yet know.  Is there hope?  Well, there's hope if one remembers that 240 years ago a small band of patriots stood together against the mightiest power in the world...and defeated it!  And,  after victory, drafted the most powerful "freedom document" ever devised by man.  The very Constitution that is being mangled and trampled upon today.

Are there enough patriots left to turn things around?  Or will they all debark to a land with brighter horizons.  If that happens America will have to settle for "going to pot" in lieu of "the melting pot".


Ken said...

Once again you speak my broken heart and sad soul. I love this country so much but this has become my wish as well,to migrate away. My hometown as well as my country no longer remotely resembles what it once was. I don't have the first idea how to change it back, so renouncing it, sadly is the option.
The link I send here is to an article I read that made me shiver. Bush Jr and obama are so rapidly destroying all semblance of Freedom. I hope you take time to look at it, I'd love to hear what you have to say on this. Thanks again for your great writing.

Anonymous said...

Keep pounding it till it works again, it was forged in pain and defiance,it's defenses grew too big, it just needs a re-working :) (which it's working on from the inside too)