Monday, April 16, 2012

Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber

If President Obama continues his current rate of deficit spending the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that 80% of all tax revenue will go toward servicing just the interest on that massive debt.

The Medicare program is scheduled to be bankrupt by 2017.

During the last decade we have spent approximately $3 trillion dollars trying to democratize Iraq and Afghanistan.

The federal government is spending more than a trillion dollars more than we take in every year.

Our national debt is $16 trillion dollars and our total "unfunded liabilities" which include debt payments, social security and medicare exceeds $73 trillion dollars.

The number of two parent families have fallen by 50% in the last three decades.

80% of single parent families fall below the poverty line and must seek government assistance.

Republicans are too stubborn to accept tax increases for millionaires and Democrats are too cowardly to admit to their constituents that Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid payments must be cut since they represent over 70% of all government expenditures.

For the first time in our recorded history has the President of the United States refused to enforce our immigration laws.

During the past 30 years America has lost over 30 million manufacturing jobs.

For the first time in our country's history we have more people who pay no taxes (52%) than those who do.

Three times more people are now on Food Stamps than three years ago.

Over twelve million homes are awaiting foreclosures.

Nationally, over 50% of high school students will not graduate from high school.

Nationally, almost 80% of first year college students require remedial reading courses to bring them up to a 12th grade reading level.

The American people are so enamored with pop culture that they have little time to exercise their responsibilities as citizens; educate themselves about issues that affect their every day lives.

American democracy is crumbling because less than 50% of eligible voters actually go out and vote. you can go back to reading only about Kim, Jennifer and Justin.



John said...

All this you say is true. But it seems to me it doesn't matter what or who you vote for doesn't count anyway. California people spoke and said they did not accept gay marriage but it is in the supreme court for them to decide if it is to be overturned. We vote and the government does what they want anyway. You get someone elese elected and then they don't do what they say either. it is a loos loose situation.

JustCommonSense said...

John, it is very likely that the judges who ruled on something you were opposed to were appoint by a President or a Governor you were opposed to; therefore, it makes elections even more important!

John said...

The constitution reminds us that the government is of the people by the people and for the people. People being the key word. When was the last time you saw the government to something to benefit the people. If it don't benefit the government it don't exist. I may sound bitter that's because I am. America has become weak. You can't pledge allegiance to our flag in school anymore we can't say God in or national anthem all because we may affind someone. We are letting N. Korea push us around and we can't even get the homleas off private property without getting sued and having to pay millions of dollars for the junk they had gathered out of the trash thrown away. Am I bitter yes I am bitter. Where is the balls America use to have. JFK didn't back down to Cube during the Cubian Kissel crisis of the sixties but we can't even Stan up for what the people vote for!!!!!!

JustCommonSense said...

I agree with everything you said. But the government is only as good as its people. And if more than half of all eligible voters are too lazy to vote we'll keep having a government that doesn't care or work for us.

Sad but true.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

Ken said...

I stopped by your page yesterday and really was impressed with your writing. Thought I would peruse it again today and was equally impressed.
The state of our Union has become so sad in my lifetime. That right there is a clear indicator of who's to blame. I am and we are. We allowed it to come to this. Now how can we reverse the damage caused by our apathy. I mentioned yesterday that I don't have a clue how to start a revolution but would work 24/7 to help it succeed. I know it is places like this that get the ball rolling. So Mr. CommonSense, guide me in the right direction, let's get this country back. Thank you for this great blog.

JustCommonSense said...

Ken, thanks so much for your kind words. I believe the first step we can take in turning things around is to put the truth out there to the people. Goose them into taking a sense of citizenship. Refer my blog to others. Go and read good honest thinkers like Thomas Sowell, George Will, Charles Krauthaer and even much of Thomas Friedman.

Secondly, do as I do; research the facts. When I cite facts to my liberal friends they have no defense except to raise the level vitriol.

Thanks again so much for stopping by.