Saturday, April 21, 2012

I "Time-Travel" Every Night To The 1940's!

I'm sure most of you have heard of 'deja vu', the concept that one has experienced something in the immediacy of now, at a similar place, but at an earlier time.  While I had many deja vu moments when I was younger,  I have none of them now.

Except One:  I have always felt as if I belonged to the 1940's.  I have always loved the old forties music of Glen Miller and Sinatra and the Big Band era.  I look at the clothing styles and find them appealing.  I love a time when newspapers were cheap, plentiful and complete in reflecting all of life.  I love 40's movies like  "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Casa Blanca".  I even like the idea of living during the 2nd World War when America really pulled together to defeat Tojo and Mussolini and Hitler.

Is it any wonder then that I love the Radio Classics Channel (Channel 82) on XM Sirius Satellite Radio!  Every night I am transported in time to listen to the old radio shows that my parents and grandparents listened to!  As soon as I plopped into bed I tune to Radio Classics and hear Jack Benny and Dragnet and the Green Hornet and Superman and Fibber McGee and Molly!

The station even leaves in the old commercials!  I love them!  Lux soap commercials, Post Grape Nuts Flakes, Lucky cigarettes, Halo shampoo and Chase and Sanborn Coffee!

I've already checked my schedule for tonight!  They'll lead off with Jack Benny, then Fibber McGee and Molly, then an hour of suspense with Suspense and The Shadow!  If my insomnia has kept me awake after that I can look forward to two episodes of "X-Minus One", a science fiction show that pre-dates but is very similar to the 60's TV show, The Twilight Zone.

Got to run, folks!  The Shadow awaits me:  "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows!"

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Darlene said...

So cool!