Monday, January 30, 2017



On Friday, California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla,  declared the way has been cleared for a California proposition that will approve the secession of California from the Union.  The proposition, to be called Yes California, if approved by voters in 2018, would result in California going it alone.

Proponents of the measure argue that America is too "red" for them, that rest of America does not represent their values...on open borders, on climate change, on abortion, or on free market capitalism.

Let me say forthwith that I approve "Calexit".  Imagine America never again having to bow down to the dictates of that ultra liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.  Imagine national elections where 30 million socialists are scrubbed from the voting rolls, or having two less liberal senators and a few hundred outright communist Congressmen and women.

Recent state wide polling indicates that at least a third of Californians would vote to secede.  Again I applaud!  Yes, while America will lose some serious federal dollars from the leftist state, California should realize they'll lose a bit themselves.  Let's begin with Colorado River water.  There'll be no more of that, and since the state relies on the Colorado for half of the populace's water supply I hope they've got lots of Perrier stocked up!   And with the water now flowing to California we can always turn Nevada and Arizona into gardens of Eden....producing the fruits and veggies that California once provided.

And consider other matters.  Will California pay for the millions of tax-paying citizens who choose to leave that state?  Will they pay fair market value to the working taxpayer for their homes?  And who pays the bills when tax-paying "American loyalists" flee the state?  Can California afford to lose all those American defense plants?  And can California go it alone, without federal dollars, or emergency relief, when the next big quake hits?  And, best of all, is California ready to start paying Trump's 20% import tax for everything they sell to America?

I'm sure America would be happy as a clam to have California succeed in seceding!  Oh yes, we'd have to beef up our ports in New Orleans.  And since 20 of the 30 million illegal Mexicans are in California we could solve the brunt of our immigration problem in one fell swoop....we just build that border on the eastern edge of the Sierras, and put "detour" signs on the rest of the border..with an arrow pointing toward San Diego!

What might he "New California" be called?  Well, as I've suggested here many, many times...we'd just call it "Mexifornia" and let whoever remains in the state live in the same state of poverty as their neighbors to the south!  And I'm sure Trump would even make them pay for the wall!

Hail Secession!  Hail Mexifornia!  To tell you the truth you've never been much of an American state for along while now.

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Frank Krzesowiak said...

Not going to happen. Cities like SF/Oak/LA might be for it, but not the outlying Counties. They'll create their own secession from California. Imagine President Brown. Makes one want to vomit.