Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"King Trump"


How many times on this blog have you readers heard me say "if I were King", then expounded on what I'd do if given a crown for a year or two.  Well, in Trump's first full week he gave us a hint of what the pushback would be when someone tries to steer the ship of state in another direction.

We first saw the Inauguration Day riots, then the women's march, a couple of dozen major immigration marches, and then, to top off the week, the open borders folks gathering at airports to protest Trump's Muslim ban.  It will get worse folks...mostly because, as I speculated, post election, that Trump's the Energizer Bunny who will keep liberal heads spinning.

I have to say here that I agree with every single thing Trump has done to date.  But I do not harbor any assurances that all of Trump's Executive Orders will hold up.  Many, to be effective, will require Congressional action.  That's a bit more complicated than the signing of an EO.  And you can be assured that many of Trump's initiatives will be challenged in the courts.  We saw that in full technicolor on Saturday as a New York judge stepped in and issued a partial stay if Trump's EO, in favor of those Muslim immigrants already holding a visa.  We also saw pushback from the ACLU, their argument being that Trump's EO conflicts with federal laws that prevent immigration decisions based on religion or ethnicity.  I don't believe the latter will hold up since our nation's Commander in Chief indeed has the right to protect us from potential enemies.  We'll see on that one....none of us can be sure just how left wing the courts have gotten on Obama's watch.

With regard to Trump's flurry of Executive Orders, let's be honest here, "righties".  We abhorred Obama's EO' fact we argued they were unconstitutional.   So, in all honesty, even as we delight in seeing liberals get their panties twisted, we are now giggling with delight as Trump is doing exactly what we criticized Obama for doing.  Yes, we can argue all day that desperate measures were needed to keep America from going totally bananas, but that does not change the fact that the "turning of the ship" is being achieved in the least satisfactory manner.

Okay, here comes the shocker.  I believe the odds are at least "50-50" that impeachment charges will be filed against Trump in his first term.  With Trump's "Energizer Bunny-ness", he's going to keep a lot of folks busy.  Liberals will be rioting in the streets, Congress will be in a dizzy spin trying to kill Trump's initiatives, or trying to find a way to legislate them, the courts will be busy assessing their constitutionality, and the rest of us will be kept busy just trying to puzzle it all out.

Essentially, we of the conservative bent, are enjoying the chaos Trump is creating.  That enjoyment is derived from all the frustration caused when Obama called the Tea Party "terrorists", when he called those of us against illegal immigration "racists", frustration over the IRS persecution of conservative political groups...frustration over eight years of worrying more about transgendered bathrooms than national security, frustration over Democrats caring more about government tit suckers than taxpayers.  

So, things are getting crazy...and Trump himself might be crazy......and we don't really give a damn if he is...because "chaos" beats the hell out of political correctness seven days a week.  And, again, Trump remains just the "messenger"'s the sixty six million of us who voted for change who are enjoying the hell out of all this.

Even as Ringling Brothers close their doors forever come May, we are reveling in a circus of another kind, all of us sitting in the bleachers and watching the liberals in the center ring pulling their hair out.  And we're loving it.....a least until the Energizer Bunny runs down...or is impeached.  Only time will tell what comes from all this.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Impeach him on what charges? Sounds to me like he's following the Law. As long as he does that, they CAN'T impeach him. And I think he's to smart to stray. That's why he has assembled the best staff possible. He probably has a dozen Constitutional Lawyers(real ones, not like Obama) on speed dial. Clinton clearly broke the Law and skated. Republicans in Congress have to be VERY careful how they handle Trump. Their Constituency is watching and most are Trump Supporters. Congress can be recalled easier than a President impeached. There are 66 million people that have his back. I'll take any bet on his 4 years.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your comments, Frank. On the four years, we'll see. Trump always surprises me.

TheRandyGuy said...

Many of Trump's EO's are simply reversing the EO's of Obama. I take no pleasure in how Trump is proceeding (in some instances), but the left applauded the imperial Presidency of Obama (going around do-nothing Congress with his pen and phone, which really meant enforcing his will when Congress refused to do as he told them). At that time, the right promised the left the day would come when those same tools employed by Obama would be used by a President they didn't agree with. That day has arrived and their response is predictable. Will Trump be impeached? Doubtful, simply because as the divide in the country worsens, any move to impeach would be considered overtly political by the right and not based upon illegal acts. Unless the Dims control Congress completely, Trump will serve at least one term, and perhaps two.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the comments, Randy. I too have on problem with Trump's EOs. They simply had to be done to reverse many of Obama's really damaging decrees. Trump, after turning politics upside down, is now doing the same with government. I don't know yet if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but it has been fun to watch.