Wednesday, January 18, 2017

That 2nd Civil War...Do you hear the drums?


War; First an Essay, Then A Test:

"Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it." During the Civil War's Wilderness Campaign North and South fought literally chest to chest, the men in the first row of battle firing point blank at the enemy right in front of them. Fighting was in such close quarters than the men in rows 2 to five behind, loaded the weapons, then passed them to the front for firing. Men fell, then were trampled repeatedly into the mud and blood, a literal burying of the dead even as they fell. Some corpses were shot so many times they became just bits of flesh, no longer recognizable as a human being.

During that two day campaign out near Spotsylvania Courthouse more than 4,000 men died, with 20,000 wounded. The battle was notable not so much because of the body count. Instead, it was General Lee's first clash with U.S. Grant. For the first time in the war Lee would meet an opponent that was not afraid of the body count, and the first indication that Grant would stick to Lee like glue, no more northern retreats to catch a breath, but a duel to the death...of men, or war...whichever came first.

There would be bloodier battles; only a month later Grant would send 7,000 of his men to their death in less than an hour at Cold Harbor. Shiloh will always echo with sadness. And, at Gettysburg, Lee would regret that last charge for the rest of his short life.

I wonder how many Americans realize how close we now are to a second Civil War. I've written that it's coming for a few years now. Conditions for war began brewing a couple of decades ago....when the "Fifth Column" of Urban Black Thuggery began to grow, when the "armies of the night", the radical factions, indoctrinated by the "general staff" of those thousands of liberal university professors, began to denigrate the national values that most of us held sacred. In the last eight years those liberal armies, nurtured by a President who absolutely hates those national values, and promoted by a Hollywood that worships ethical failures and abhors heroism, the level of liberal philosophies have risen to silliness. We now have 50 different labels for human gender and we honor those who went through a decade of drug rehab than our soldiers in the field. We now have millions of the liberal ilk who campaign to deny the heritage of our founding fathers, those same ilk judging men from two hundred years ago by the social standards of the 21st Century. And it was that same liberal ilk who destroyed the nuclear family, who, adopting a "it takes a village" child raising psychology, who now make it more likely that a parent goes to jail for corporal punishment, and even more likely that their offspring will join them there once they get old enough to be tried as an adult.

I'll stop the "laundry listing" here. There are a thousand serious national issues that are contributing to the "rise and fall of the American empire"...probably the biggest villain being a fellow named Earl Warren, but that's enough for now.

I think we can all agree that the breeches are there. Americans are even now choosing up sides, and doing it with great enthusiasm. You might not see it here in your Facebook circle, but you certainly see it play out on America's streets. The winds of war are picking up speed every year.

And, in this tender new year, as we get ready to change Presidents, there are those who hang their hopes on Trump. I don't. First, I'm not sure I want Trump carrying the banner for me, second, I don't think he has either the chops or the skills to right the American ship.

I will fully admit that I've thoroughly enjoyed watching these precious liberals getting their panties in a bunch over Trump. It's been fun, truly. But Trump will never be the devil the liberals wish to portray him as, nor the savior that conservatives are wishing for.

So, let's get down to brass tacks. Here's your exam:

1) Do you believe there is sufficient hate built up to ignite a 2nd Civil War?

2) If the answer to 1 is "yes", you need to understand that there are two main characters in every war. 1) The Crusaders or Zealots who'll fight tooth and nail to win. 2) The "summer soldiers"...those on both sides who talk a great game, then flee to Canada, or get a college deferment, or as in America's first two wars, hire someone to take your place in the firing line. As I look around I see the divisions, I see the hate, but I'm just not sure how many of these "keyboard commandos", who type a great game on a message board, are willing to enter the fray.

3) For those who've never been in a war, here's a few primary questions you can answer to test your own commitment to this next Civil War.

A) Would you have any qualms about being the one to ignite the nest of satchel charges that bring down Rockefeller Center, that bastion of media liberalism that poisons the airwaves? Would you take delight in watching Mika and Rachel and "Piss down my leg Matthews" flying out of the tenth story window?

B) And just how sad would you be if the body parts of the"prime of Hollywood" went soaring into the skies above the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion?"

C) Could you stomach being in the first brigade of Army troops who deployed into the urban rottenness of Baltimore, or South Central Los Angeles, or Philadelphia, or the South Side of Chicago and began mowing down anyone carrying a weapon and wearing do rag?

There are bizarre vagaries of war. In that first Civil War, North and South often traded goods, or swapped songs after the sun went down, then rose from their trenches and killed each other at sunrise. Could you, today, walk up to Meryl Streep and say "loved you in 'Kramer vs Kramer'" just before you bayoneted her to death?

These are the kinds of questions Americans need to be asking themselves these days. The rift is growing, folks. There exists arrogance on both ends of the political spectrum and, in so many instances, there really is no room for compromise.

We have already reached the point where literally every American institution is under assault, or is now dead. The nuclear family is on a death watch. Christianity is under assault by both the Muslim right and the American left. The left is making war on our law enforcement officers, our politicians are corrupt, and Obama has tried mightily to destroy the American military during his reign.

These institutions will eventually either be destroyed, or restored, and what lives and dies will ultimately depend on whose willing to fight for them. These issues will not be solved by a Donald Trump tweet, nor by the Hollywood elites, nor by a Congress more interested in staying in power than the well being of our nation.

Many of you will not have read this far. For those of you who did, you need to start some self assessments. Sadly, in this 2nd Civil War, there will be no room on the'll have to choose which side you're on and fight to the death for the causes you can best live with.


Anonymous said...

You have once again hit the nail on the head. I fear for my Country and my Family. I have been traveling for work the last few years and it has surprised me how much of the United States has come to look,behave, and feel like a third world country.

A Modest Scribler said...

Re, "third world", we cannot be surprised by it. That "5th Column", the urban Black thuggery was nourished by three generations of government gravy handouts, and it doesn't help that 30 million illegal Mexicans brought their third world culture with them when they crossed the border. Witness the elevated crime wherever they settle, the filth, the resurgence of diseases that we once had conquered half a century ago.

Jerry Carlin said...

Well, maybe Russia will come to our aid?and, wouldn't it be fun to turn our Country into the likes of Syria? Our Cities into Aleppo?
Cuba had a Righteous Revolution and got Castro. What and who would we get?
The Revolution I want to see is in the Schools, a Reform and Return to Reading, Studying History and Literature, the Arts and Music and Thinking!
And then, really, what about my Tomatoes? Who would care for them?

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, if I could hope for just one thing, it would be the restoration of an effective education system. That achievement alone would resolve a host of our other problems. Please see my blog tomorrow. I'd settle for that one.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

I'm going to pass on this one, Scribe if for no other reason than I have too many thoughts on this. Just a word or two of advice. Trump was elected when most doubted him(including you). It's too bad you don't understand that a Billionaire who has everything doesn't seek the Presidency for any other reason than to help America and it's people right the ship.I don't care if they throw every name in the book at him, I'm going to back him because his heart is in the right place. It's time to get to work You're either with him, or against him. If your against him(like a silly Liberal might be)and he is successful, your going to feel like an Idiot, because you had your chance. The good he'll do for the Armed Services, Police, Schools ie the whole Country will bring most people(excluding Liberals of course) back to sanity(after 8 years of insanity). Wish him well. We ALL benefit if he's successful.

TheRandyGuy said...

My bookmark for your page is on your post on the date of July 18, 2012: Might want to remind yourself what you said even back then. I concur with your assertion that the nation is splitting, but with a caveat. I wonder if enough people really care. Sure, the hard left and hard right hate each other, but the other part, the ones concerned with who wins the Superbowl, The Bachelor, and what kind of beer they'll drink this weekend - you think they are interested? I wonder. BTW, you do indeed see this parting of the ways on FB. I've lost a few long-term friends over this election and not because I was an evangelist for DT. I simply asked them to stop with the pro-HRC attack pieces they posted several times a day. That led to "How can you vote for him?!?!" conversations (very short on my end - "She's a crook"), and they haven't spoken to me since. Like Frank (above), I have no illusions about DT but I agree he's not in it for personal gain and he's made statements indicating he absolutely understands the root of the problem. Time will tell. Crystal ball time: As this goes along, the left will increase their rhetoric and the right will grow increasingly tired of it. If the left begins looting liquor stores, stealing flat screens and cases of whisky (all in the name of justice and legitimacy, of course), it could very well get ugly. I hope not, because there are plenty of people willing to do everything you described in your piece.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, Randy, I agree with you on political commitment, and said so here. I won't offer condolences for any friends you lost on FB....anyone who embraced Hillary has critical faults, unfixable. Ironically, I lost friends on FB AND on this blog but most of them split when I dared to question Trump's means and methods. I've already given Trump all the room he needs to operate but I'll reserve judgement on his performance after he actually gets into office. Without doubt many of his promises will fall by the wayside in the first week, especially for everything he promised to end on "day one". And, actually, I don't mind some lying....I said years ago that the only way you defeat those lying Democrats is to "out lie" them.

By the way, Randy, that 18 July 2012 blog essay, while missing the dateline is playing out just about the way I described. I think Bernie brought out the Socialists and all of us were surprised by their sheer gall and by their numbers.

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