Friday, January 20, 2017

"History Deja Vu"


No student of history should be surprised to see these "Dimocrats" boycotting our nation's lawful transfer of Presidential power.  First of all, let's remember that honoring our Constitution and the rule of law have taken a tremendous hit during the Obama reign.  How can we forget how Obama savaged "contract law" when he forced banks not to foreclose on the housing deadbeats.  Or doesn't anyone remember Fast and Furious, when Obama armed the Mexican drug cartels at war with U.S. immigration officers?  Or Obama's reverential treatment of rioting and burning by urban thugs, and denigrating our law enforcement officers.  Or his many Executive Orders that circumvented Congress and raped the Constitution.

So it should come as no surprise that Hollywood and most of the Democratic Party has refused to accept the American people's decision to change parties.  Yes, we've seen it before.  Those generals who said they'd refuse to support Trump are not the first.  Let's look at General of The Potomac, General George B. McClelland.

George McClelland  was a napoleonic little 5 foot five inch squirt whom Lincoln picked to lead the Union Army into war.  Problem was Georgie was an inherent coward.  Georgie spent months and months, building up the Army of the Potomac from the northern states, drilling them, feeding them well, but never wanting to use them.  After months of Lincoln's prodding him, at one time sending McClellan a message stating "if you don't intend to use those hundreds of thousands of soldiers, I'd like to borrow them for awhile".  McClellan, in a snit, did move his massive army south, into Virginia.  However, each time Georgie saw a gray coat, he's swear he was outnumbered two or three to one, and refuse to engage.  (In truth, the ratio was exactly the opposite, the Blue overwhelmingly outnumbering the gray).

As we all know McClellan was finally canned, and Lincoln would run through several generals, until 1864, when U.S. Grant came along and began to give ole Bobby Lee all he could handle.  However, McClellan wasn't done.  In 1864 Little George ran for President for the Democrats, dead sure that he would defeat Lincoln.  McClellan ran on a peace ticket, urging an end to the war, still another Democrat seeking to compromise principle for political power.

Ironically, it would be the Union Army who would re-elect Lincoln.  The boys in blue overwhelmingly supported Lincoln, rejecting their old general, not wanting to sacrifice four years of hard fighting.  They stood with Lincoln and with their cause.

That has been the style of the Democrats since Harry Truman left office.  Their principles float on the winds of popular opinion and their steadfastness against tradition, or law, or the principles defined in the Constitution mean nothing to them.  They are as weightless as a feather, with only the liberal mainstream media giving them any sense of credibility.

Last November the American people spoke.  Americans said it's time for some "tough love", some parental guidance, and that election sent the "Demorats" into long and nasty tantrum that they've not given up on some two months later.

I remain skeptical of this new President.  I will wait and see how he does.  And I will pray for his success, because his success means America's success.  And, on Inauguration Day, I will honor again the peaceful transfer of power.  And the Demorats and their ilk can go straight to hell as far as I'm  concerned.  They have not been real Americans for decades now.

We who care about America can only pray for our new President.  And I'll ask you to remember old Georgie there...who called our greatest President an "ignorant baboon".  Alas, I take one look at those who are boycotting the Inauguration and have to believe they are the baboons.


Jerry Carlin said...

Well, I probably wouldn't go because I hate crowds but I wouldn't boycott it either. In about two hours he will be My President also and I hope the Inaugural Process is Peaceful.

A Modest Scribler said...

Happy Inauguration Day, Jerry. The thugs are out in force so I'm not expecting peaceful.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

FINALLY! A President that speaks the truth. We are NOT the Police of the world. It's cost us dearly to think we are. Time for the world to pay us back for all the years we kept them safe. NO MORE FREEBIES, world. Trump is here!!

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Oh, and giving Washington Establishment the finger right to their faces? CLASSIC! Only the Donald would do that. Sorry you missed the fun, Scribe. If you were behind him like a lot of us, you'd feel the exhilaration we do. This is going to be fun!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

You should start a blog, Frank. You could spend the whole of it praising Trump. Personally, I'll wait until he actually does something. if talk didn't anything Obama might have been our greatest President ever. By the way, if you hate me so much why the hell do you keep hanging around? There are thousands of far right wing blogs where never is heard a discouraging word.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

If I hated you, I'd a left a long time ago. I actually like you a lot, and have learned a lot from you. Don't have time to do a Blog. I actually work for a living. This may be the only issue where we disagree. That's ok. You along with many Liberals will learn what I've known for 25 years(Since Perot). Get someone smart, owing no favors to anyone in as President. That's the only way there will be change. Looks like Liberals aren't ready but we Conservatives sure are(well most of us).