Friday, January 6, 2017

Republican Idiocy Not Quite Dead Yet


It was the 2nd day of the new year.  Congress opens the first session for 2017.  Americans are hurting by huge Obamacare premium hikes.  Americans have lost their well-paying jobs, and working two thirty hour per week jobs to make up for that loss.  The national debt hovers at $20 trillion dollars.  Russia is rattling sabers and ISIS is as brutal as ever. their very first session, the Republicans decide their first order of business is scrapping the House Ethics Commission.  WTF?????????

Unbelievable, ain't it?  Given a fresh start to begin turning the country around, the Republicans give the Democrats their very first box of ammo......and giving the Americans the impression that Republicans don't like ethics laws.

Never mind that the Republicans have a point.  The current Ethics Commission has done little to improve Congressional ethics...instead they have used that commission to issue false charges against each other, time and again, just to score political points.  But scrapping the commission, and giving our citizenry the impression that the party is crooked, is the worst thing they could have done to open a new Congressional session.  If they wanted to scrap the commission they could have slipped it into a bill, maybe six months down the road, after they'd fixed Obamacare, after they had finished tax reform, after they had submitted a balanced budget.

Instead, these idiots decided to defecate in their drinking water, creating doubt and suspicion from their constituents, throwing a tantrum before Starbucks and Dunkin's had even delivered their first batch of taxpayer paid coffee and donuts!

Well, by Tuesday night, the most unlikely hero came to save their ass.  Donald Trump phoned and asked if these Republicans had lost their collective minds, the Ethics Commission scrapping was halted and, we can now only hope for the best.

Sadly, it doesn't matter that the issue was scrapped.  The damage has been done.  In less than two years the Dims will be talking about this Ethics Committee scrapping, about just how rotten Republicans are, perhaps effectively enough to win control of the Congress!

Folks, idiocy is not dead.  And it's very scary.


Unknown said...

Tone deaf, for sure!

Jerry Carlin said...

I didn't say anything! I am not protesting. I am just sitting back and watching. This is what we voted for, or at least what we got. and, actually, yes, Trump was the "hero", the father figure scolding his tribe. and now, maybe, WE are going to pay for the Wall. That is OK, I have some Steel Stock and it went down a lot with Obama. and the Infrastructure? forget it. no one has the courage. Obama wanted it. Trump wants it. We need it. Won't Happen.

A Modest Scribler said...

I remain skeptical, Jerry. The last decade has taught me that skill. But I have to say Trump surprises me all the time. I first thought he was a liberal in disguise, then I saw his pics for the cabinet and was impressed. Then I read an inane tweet, and say "WTF?" But, having learned that Trump is an enigma, I sit here this morning wondering if he can suppress a bit of ego, actually listen to the skilled folks he appointed, and achieve success.

I have far less confidence in the Republican party, even less in Paul Ryan....I simply cannot understand why he would allow something like the Ethics madness to come up, even for a preliminary vote. I can think of at least a half dozen previous Speakers who would have twisting testicles and quashed that madness.

Politics today is a crap shoot and I will neither be surprised by a roll of seven or craps. It's just that crazy. And I'm having a great deal of fun watching the Democrats sit morosely, trying to figure out how they can once again capture the working class vote.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Are they the only people in America that can see how stupid they look. What are they thinking? This has to be a joke. Or fake news. Almost 250 people completely losing their minds all at the same time? Have two words. TERM LIMITS. This kind of thing begs for term limits. If they did their job, they wouldn't have to worry about an Ethics Committee. Think about it. You only worry if your doing something wrong. 250 just admitted it. Idiots.

A Modest Scribler said...

I once opposed term limits, Frank, figuring the decision ought to rest with the electorate. Now, giving the ignorance of the electorate, and seeing how idiotic many of these politicians are, I'm all for it.

Unknown said...

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