Friday, January 13, 2017

"Moving and Grooving"


I have to admit I got a kick out of reading this news clip, and seeing this pic in the news the other day. Apparently there were two moving companies at work; one for the Obama's moving out, one for Trump's stuff, moving in.

I understand The National Inquirer paid ten thousand bucks to one of the furniture haulers to give that gossip rag the inside scoop on the moving process.

Let's just call him "Harold" so we don't get him in trouble.

Harold says he was sent upstairs to the First Family's living quarters. When he got up there his first job was moving out a big Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine. Then, when he went back up, Barry shoved a big box of books into his arms, and said "be careful with these". As Harold trudged down the stairs he noticed the book titles for the first time. There was a copy of the Koran, titled in gold leaf. And a large volume by Karl Marx called "Das Capital", several books by Barry's communist mentor, Saul Alinsky and half a dozen copies of Barry's own "Dreams of My Father", which were autographed and dedicated to himself.

On the next run up the stairs Harold was asked to push a rather large cart full of mirrors, one each for Malia, Sasha and Michelle, and two dozen for Barry.

As Harold pushed the cart through the servants exit he noticed the guy moving in Trump's stuff. The Trump guy was hauling in an equal number of mirrors, one for Melania and two dozen, framed in gold gilt, for The Donald. (Apparently Presidents need lots of mirrors!)

When Harold went back up the living quarters he was asked to haul a rather large carton of clothes, apparently belonging to Barry. There were half a dozen White Sox jerseys, a White Sox jacket, and half a dozen pair of girly men jeans.

Again Harold ran into a Trump mover. The Trump guy was hauling in a huge crate of colorful ties, in gold, blue and red, the carton labelled "Made In Mexico".

After the last load was in the truck, Harold knocked off for lunch. He pulled out his ham and cheese sandwich, popped the top on a can of Pepsi, then sat on the back loading ramp and watched the Trump movers hauling in furniture. The item being carried in was one of those fancy rich man's beds. But this one was a bit different....this one was a canopy bed but, instead of a frilly cover, a large gold gilt framed mirror was mounted on one side of the top of the bed, making Harold speculate just which side of the bed The Donald slept on.

The National Inquirer promises to publish Part II of the story soon and will have it on supermarket shelves by Friday. I can't wait!

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