Monday, January 23, 2017

Dear Deplorables


Dear Deplorables,

I thought you looked beautiful out there today. I saw you wearing the Make America Great Again caps, and John Deere hats, and the caps of your local little league team.......and thought you all looked regal.

Many of you have bussed here, from Des Moines, from Wichita, from The Valley of The Three Wolves, from an Indiana farm town, and maybe even from the small town in California where I grew up.

And the message you brought with you today is not about the Presidency, or Congress, or the Eight Supreme Court judges who sit up there on that marbled balcony. Your message is "you forgot about us....and, in November, we reminded you that we're out here.

We live in small towns, where there are more churches than fast food joints. Our biggest retail store is probably a True Value...if we're lucky. And we, in those 10,000 small American towns, know little about how to master the 50 transgendered monikers we are expected to know. Nor do we understand how our Commander in Chief could abandon our own in Benghazi, or why he hosted Ramadan dinners for Muslims while castigating American Christians for not wishing to fund the wholesale murder of millions of babies. And, overtime a trade deal was signed, we wondered how our leaders could willingly surrender our jobs to folks in countries where neither fair labor practices or EPA regulations exist.

And, for our failings to understand why we were forgotten, we were labelled "deplorable". And when we called for the enforcement of our immigration laws we were called "racists".

But, today, we stand under the gray clouds, here on the Capitol Mall, and our victory is not the victory of Donald Trump. Instead, our victory is bringing the message from across this land, a message that says "we will not be forgotten". We will "not go gentle into that good night", but will "rage, rage...against the dying of the light".

God Bless America, you deplorables...for ill or good, you have sent out a warning shot...that you will not be forgotten.


Jerry Carlin said...

When Detroit looks like Aleppo there is a problem in this country.
When our roads and bridges are failing and 16 other countries have better, more modern infrastructure, there is a problem in this country.
We certainly have lost Pride; we trash our own neighborhoods.
How to pick up the pieces and make it right again will be a long and difficult road and won't be accomplished in four years by anyone. And, it will be expensive. Are we willing to make that sacrifice and where will the money come from?

A Modest Scribler said...

I don't know the answer to your questions, Jerry. I'm pessimistic but tend to equate the last eight years as if we're all sitting in a tub of scum, most of it riding to the top, with America, disgusted by it all, giving it all a good stir and hoping for the best. We shall see.