Friday, January 27, 2017

"Lettuce Lessons"


Well, Georgie Soros, and Barry, and Hillary, and a healthy contingent of Hollywood are further up in arms as Trump issued an executive order.  Trump just told the Department of Homeland Security to dig around in the bottom of their piggy bank and find some funds to start building the wall.

Trump also issued fair warning to America's sanctuary cities that he plans to pull the federal tit from those municipals who choose to harbor illegals.

So, on one of the message boards this morning some sad liberal resurrected the old "head of lettuce" argument.  "Do you really want to pay $2  bucks a head for lettuce?", he cried.  

And my answer is "yes, I do".  First of all, let's dispense with the fallacy that illegals are only here to pick our fruits and veggies.  More than half of our construction workers come from the pool of illegal workers....driving down the salaries of American workers who might actually be earning a living wage without illegal exploitation.  The latest figures show that 75% of illegals are working in non farm jobs.

Secondly, let's face it; that head of lettuce is costing us a lot more than a buck a head.  That .99 cent lettuce is costing us the $13 billion a year in Child Tax Credits the IRS issues to illegal aliens each year.  And, all the while we're paying for cheap labor we're paying the medical bills for birth anchor babies in the children's wards, for WIC benefits when they walk out, for honest to goodness welfare checks in that anchor baby's name, and in the emergency wards when the anchor baby hits his teen years, is shot by a fellow gang member,  and ends up on the front steps of our Hospital Emergency Entrances.

That .99 cent lettuce costs us more in automobile insurance premiums as car theft and hit and run drivers send our rates soaring.  It costs us more to hire more police, to build more prisons, and our property tax rates soar so that we can build more schools to educate more illegal kids....and ignore our own...forcing them to stand by in the classroom while the teacher gets the non English speaking kids up to snuff before she can move on to reading, writing and arithmetic.

Don't be fooled by that tired old .99 cent lettuce analogy, America.  It's costing us a hell of a lot more than .99 cents.

Please send the illegals home and charge me $2.00 for that lettuce.  I'll gladly pay it...and consider it a bargain.


Jeff H said...

You, sir are too honest. I never would have imagined that in 2017 I would be getting real news on the internet, and fake news on tv.

Jerry Carlin said...

So far Trump has done nothing that he didn't say he would do! Not that I agree with it but the time for action was in November and that has passed. and help me with the math?
15 Billion divided by 300 Million population? $50 dollars or $500 each? seems reasonable either way. I don't buy lettuce or tomatoes from the store anyway! I still don't understand, wouldn't it be cheaper and better to have regulations saying No assistance to Non-citizens as most other countries have? and when the workforce hires non citizens, a $25,000 fine or just shoot them? If we did this we wouldn't need a wall and we could go bowling with that 50 bucks!

A Modest Scribler said...

Still need the wall, Jerry. We've seen solid proof that we've got lots of folks who'll roll the dice and flaunt the rule of law. But I agree that employee sanctions, with severe penalties, is the only way to get a handle on the problem. Something like two thirds of illegals got here through overstaying their visas.

Re Trump, lots of folks believe the dude is crazy. I stopped believing that he's a liberal when I saw his cabinet appointments....but he may still prove that he's crazy. But, hell, I'm having so much fun watching liberals squirm I'm not even bothered by The Donald's tweets.

Brian Kalifornia said...

Holey Shit, is the Scribe coming around? Wow, we better be careful we'll have monkey's flying out of asses. Good article Scribe. It's fun as hell watching the libturds squirming and falling over themselves. I do wish President Trump would tone down some of his tweets, but other then that he's doing great. America might be saved after all.