Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You're Just Gonna Have To Let Them Cry It Out


My fellow conservatives,
You've sure seen all the protests over our recent election.  I implore you to just show a little understanding.  These people are the bonafide members of America's "victim" class.  Raised by liberal parents, schooled well in the art of the "everybody gets a blue ribbon", a "safe space providing" educational system and a President that has institutionalized victimhood, theses folks are having a difficult time learning any of life's realities.

They've partied hard on liberal student loan money, government grants, food stamps, and welfare, having constantly heard that Obama's gonna eventually bail them out on that debt, they've been spared the obligation of military service, pursued university degrees that will not win them a job, and even been offered the notion that one need not even have a job to do well in Obama's economy......the government will nourish you, medicate you for free, house you, and send you a green check,  in exchange for their vote.

So you're just gonna have to let these folks cry it out.  Like the kid in the grocery store, refused the candy bar, they've decided to fall down in the middle of the aisle and scream bloody murder.  That's okay; show a little compassion my fellows....they know no better.

Burning Trump in effigy?  Burning the American flag?  That's simply this new generation's equivalent of a teen's "I hate you" when the parents insisted they had to be in by midnight.    I suggest a little tough-love here folks.  Let's reimpose the military draft.  That will strengthen their bodies, strengthen their minds, and teach them finally that "we" should always trump "me".

And let's put em to work....six years of 9 semester hour college life is spoiling our youth.  Or roaming Baltimore and Chicago and Philly while clad in basketball togs and $200 dollar Michael Jordan shoes .Let's put both adult and student in the work cutting off the government gravy and make them work if they want three hots and a cot regularly.  

All of this tough-love will eventually drive these miscreants from the streets.  If they get hungry enough they'll go out and find a job and won't have time for "street tantrums".

So, let em cry it out, then apply one good thump on the ass with a dose of reality.


Jerry Carlin said...

Good Morning! You will find this pretty amazing but I pretty much agree with you!
I do fear for the environment as you know but as I see these protesters I do wonder how many of them bothered to vote? and how can they find the time to protest? I am 100% in favor of two years of service, military or civil. I still believe in "Don't ask what your Country can do for you....". We have raised a whole generation of self serving, not working, trash dumping people. I don't mind the concept of a "free education" as long as you pay for it! and two years of service is pretty cheap. and 16 credit hours in Real Studies, not yoga classes!
Clearly when things are given they are not valued. Time to cut off the gravy train.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, I'm not surprised by your conditional agreement with me at all. Over the years, through your comments, I think I've got a good feel for how you think. In fact, even as our ideologies are a bit different, I believe you and I could sit down at the table and fix our problems....through some judicial compromise..without surrendering our basic principles.

As to what I wrote about the protestors, I am at times for benign neglect, while at other times saddened that we must eventually have that 2nd Civil War to settle it all. Obama and his party have had eight years to show their policies work but in each and every case they've met failure...then disguise it as protest. And many of the basic tenants about what works really just come down to simple truths.....the necessity of having a work ethic, the consistent failure of a large bureaucratic government to move the needle.

Optimism about Trump? Not much. But, really, who the hell knows? Maybe the crazy bastard will stumble to success just as he stumbled to an election win. I believe Trumps' greatest achilles heel is his thin skin. And that thin skin is going to be constantly tested by the liberals and their millions of followers. They'll mount impressive demonization campaigns, even when he does something that works.

The only thing we can be sure of, Jerry, is that the next four years is going to be a wild ride.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

A quick story. My Granddaughter(14 years old, Freshman in High School)called home from School, said they were going to go out and protest, can she go. My Daughter said absolutely NO, FLEW out of her house drove to the School and picked her up. The alarming part is the School letting this happen. The "grooming for Victim-hood" is absolutely the truth. But it won't happen to my Grandchildren. My oldest(20) is going to school to be a Lawyer. Parents have a responsibility and a duty to raise they're Children right. If not. Send them into a good Conservative home where life doesn't = drama. It is real.

A Modest Scribler said...

True words, Frank. These school protests have become epidemic. Good way to get out of learning something, but then they weren't learning much anyway if you look at the SAT scores.