Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Heroin High


A couple of weeks ago I got my mail in ballot in my mail box.  It sat on my dining room table all weekend, my disgust with my Presidential choices palpable.  Finally, the following week I opened that ballot envelope, marked all my local choices, then sat looking at the scarcity of names up there for Presidential candidates.  Thought long and hard about voting for Gary Johnson, then hurting, voted for Donald Trump...........with the idea of just keeping Hillary from winning a landslide.

This past Monday an old high school classmate passed through town.  We met for coffee.  Both conservatives, we began discussing politics.  When she asked who I voted for, for President, I became tongue-tied, almost not telling her that I voted Trump.  I eventually did tell my friend, but no one else.

So yesterday morning my wife asked me who I thought might win.  I told her that, unless the American people were truly angry enough to go out and vote, The Donald was going to get fried.

So last night Donald Trump.....or rather the American people proved me wrong.  They rose up and smited down all the political pundits, all the liberal media who were soaking in a big warm tub of orgasmic delight over Hillary's sure win, and all the establishment politicians, and former politicians who gain their sustenance from K-Street lobbyists.

I knew something was different when Republican congressional candidates continued to do well in the state races.  Then, when I saw Virginia was so damned close I began to hope that Hillary and her $2 billion dollar war chest just might lose this thing.

And I began to just delight as the Hillary shills over on MSNBC and CNN began to shit their collective pants.  And I hoped like hell that Trump would win and all those Hollywood liberals would keep their promise and leave the country.  (Don't bet on that...liberals love to whine and Trump might give them that chance).

So, I was wrong about Trump's chances.  And last night was like a heroin high....I was so elated in this historic shakeup that I was beside myself.  But, as to the prospects for my country's future, I still have little hope that Trump's the answer.  My old qualms are still there; I don't believe he's a true conservative, I still question his character, I still abhor his behavior, and I don't believe he'll do even a few of all that he's promised he'll do.  And, finally, I remain fearful that Donald Trump will, in the long run, destroy the last vestiges of conservatism...his expected failures giving strength to the socialist wing of the Democratic party...with those socialists winning seat after seat in future elections.  And I'll add a post-script to that:  I mourn the fact that both major candidates are of such poor character.

But, what the hell, I was wrong about his chances of winning....I'm more than prepared to be wrong about his chance of success in governing.  And I champion the American people; all those folks in the small towns of America, who stood up yesterday morning and told Bruce and Lady Gaga and Alex Baldwin, and Whoopi, and most of Hollywood, to go straight to hell.

We'll see.  Right now I'm coming down from last night's "Heroin High" and back to looking at the world a bit more clearly.  


Frank Krzesowiak said...

You WILL be wrong again, my Friend. Finally someone who isn't in Politics to make himself or his cronies rich. He won't turn a blind eye to the corruption and enriching one's pocketbook at the expense of the American people. Politicians of this Country are now shaking in their boots. Sheriff Trump's in town. No more same ol same ol.

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, I won't mind a bit being wrong. I said something to my wife this morning about Trump being just a little crazy. My wife said "maybe 'crazy' is what we need about now". Hope she's right too!