Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The First Sign To Watch For With Trump's Immigration Program


During the past couple of weeks we've heard from a score of big city mayors and police chiefs that they won't turn over their coddled illegal immigrants to ICE...that they'll continue harboring illegal aliens and continue to be sanctuary cities, flaunting our immigration laws.  And so far Donald Trump has been silent on this mutiny.  And he's already back-pedaling on his pledge to deport the millions of illegal lawbreakers (and anyone who crossed our border illegally is a lawbreaker), focusing on "criminal felons" as his first order of business.  I don't know if that's simply diplomacy or principle.  

But the first sign I'm going to look for when Trump and his Republican controlled Congress take control is whether or not they legislate to withhold federal funding to those sanctuary cities.  The withholding of billions of dollars in federal funds is really the only way that Trump can hope to get all those liberal mayors and governors to pay Como in New York who once said anyone who doesn't love illegals need to get out of New York.  Or the LAPD Chief who said he'll continue to protect his 11 million illegals in Mexifornia South.  Or San Francisco where they turn out illegals on the streets as often as sourdough loafs in Ghirardelli Square.  

We'll have to see.  I was encouraged that Trump appointed Senator Sessions as Attorney General.  Sessions is hardliner on illegal immigration.  If it were up to him I'm sure he'll crack down on the municipal miscreants...but Trump's got to throw politics aside and let Sessions wield the hammer.

And, if Sheriff Joe were not so damned old (84 as of June) I'd love to see old Joe head up ICE, form up the buses, and send them heading south come spring.  

However, Trump's initial foray into the illegal immigrant issue, post election, seems to be a continuation of the coddling.  Will Trump be better than Obama with the issue?  Hell, yeah...most anybody would.  Anything short of throwing the welcome mat out down at the border is an improvement.  

But, to my mind, the first order of business when Trump and Congress begin writing immigration legislation, ought to be the inclusion of a big hammer, nailing those sanctuary cities where it hurts the most..the pocketbook.

We can only hope.


Jerry Carlin said...

What would be wrong with a Simple Law? You hire an illegal and you get 20 years in prison!
I am not an economist but there must be a secret reason we want them? It has to be a Huge Underground Economy and I guess, deep down inside we like cheap labor!
I think Obama deported More illegals than did Bush. Is that correct?
I don't really think you need boxcars off to the Gulag. Just no benefits, no free stuff and if you hire them, off to Prison You Go!
Does anyone really know the statistics? I thought more went Back to Mexico than came across the borders in the last couple years.
I actually like Mexican Food. We have more choices than the Americanized Taco Bell.
I suspect that President-Elect Trump will have trouble with this issue because there is a lot More to the Story, not because we are particularly "good guys"!

A Modest Scribler said...

Good morning, Jerry. Hope you've got the turkey out and thawing safely in the fridge. So many questions you bring up. Yep, you are right; American employers are illegal worker magnets. They love the wage suppression illegals bring to the table. Some of them love paying in cash and avoiding the benefit costs mandated by our labor laws. Did Obama deport more than Bush? He may have, but then Bush was soft on illegal immigration himself. But even the deportation numbers are skewed because Obama's own leniency encouraged so many more to cross so it's not like he was a hardliner. I've always looked on illegal immigration as an ethical matter; we either punish those who cross our borders illegally, regardless of how well intentioned they are, or we eventually become the third world country just like the one they came from.

As to loving Mexican food, hey buddy, my best friend was Hispanic from grade school to high school. I love his family. I have tons of Hispanic friends (who are as adamant about illegal immigration as I) and I love the Hispanic culture who, on the whole are far more apt to embrace the importance of family and religion than the populace as a whole. But, god, we've seen the havoc these millions of illegals have wrought. I need not laundry list them've heard my spiel on that issue unendingly.

Gobble, gobble.

Jerry Carlin said...

I find it interesting how this issue is sensed as a Local Problem, mostly Arizona and California and a few other areas. Seldom do I find a National Perspective. It is difficult for someone in Oregon or Alaska or Hawaii and other States to relate. For instance in my neighborhood, say 10 City Blocks, there may be 6 "Mexican" families and I have no way of knowing how they got here, legal or not. We don't have Gangs in our town; we don't have signs in Spanish. I agree illegal is illegal and should be stopped. Gangs of any type should be stopped. Maybe more stories (and some facts) without vitriol could help persuade this position. And I still believe that if American Industry and homeowners who want their lawns mowed didn't invite them, they wouldn't be here. In my travels to other countries I always had to prove I had a round trip ticket and some money or I wasn't allowed in! Many people were nice to me and offered a free meal but there certainly wasn't any government handouts or I may have stayed longer! I still think there is a reason. They are here because someone wants them here!