Monday, November 21, 2016

The Energizer Bunny


I have no idea whether it will be a good thing, or a bad thing, but one thing you have to hand to Donald Trump.... the guy seems to be tireless.  We saw that in the campaign when he was turning out Tweets at 2 o'clock in the morning, then again he was back on social media when most folks were still snoozing.
And we're seeing that same level of energy as he works to form a cabinet and fill some four thousand Administration slots.   Despite the unending jabs from the liberal media that Trump's transition program is too slow, he's actually ahead of Obama's schedule on that front.

Those who know Trump say he doesn't drink or smoke, and I read somewhere that he doesn't even drink coffee....probably contributing to his overall good health at the age of 70.  (Although I'm a little suspect of those who don't drink coffee).

As to Trump's transition schedule, I think he's doing fine.  And, although I had different picks in mind for his key staff, I see no problems with the folks he's chosen so far.  I've also been very encouraged with how Trump is working to heal the political wounds, the most notable being his gracious invitation to meet with Romney last Saturday.  

So, the fingers remained crossed that Trump's gonna surprise us all...that he'll continue to appoint good people, that he'll actually listen to them, and, unlike Obama, that he'll give them the freedom to do their job.

I can't help but think that, if Trump delegates, if he relies on his experts, if he studies the complexity of problems real hard, then applies that seemingly unbounded energy to the job of President, he just might succeed....and maybe even succeed spectacularly.

I know I'm being overly optimistic here.  I always am as the new man comes in and takes a seat in the Oval Office.  For our nation's sake, let's hope the Energizer Bunny can charge up this nation and get her going again.


Jerry Carlin said...

Good Morning! I am not building a bunker yet and find it all an interesting read. I don't think I have read so many articles from both sides from so many Newspapers in a very long time. I actually have way more fear of the American people than from this President-Elect.
The fake news worries me as does Social Media and all the anger in the streets and elsewhere.
I wish I knew how to make America read again and then defend a position without hatred.
It will be interesting to see where this road takes us and who "our leader" turns out to be!
Trump rustles feathers from both sides; we have never had an "Independent" President before.

A Modest Scribler said...

Good morning, Monsieur Tomato Man. I agree with you on the social media disaster. I spent so much time pointing out fake stories from both sides on Facebook that I declared I'd "unfriend" folks who continue to post that stuff. Again, saw fake news stories from both ends of the political spectrum, and the fact that they were believed and reposted just shows the massive ignorance among our citizenry.

It's gonna be a wild ride, my friend.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

I just hope Congress puts aside their hatred of him and helps him reshape the Country. All this demonstrating and rioting as well as the "fake news' are done by Morons. I understand why the Liberals don't want Trump to succeed. They'll have a tough time recapturing the Presidency again if he does(selfish much?). But the remaining 70% of America, should be standing behind him. They're futures are at stake. I never liked Obama but I sure did want him to succeed. He does, I do. Doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out. This might be the most Politically exciting 4 years in our Nations history. Hope I'm here to see it all!

Jerry Carlin said...

No one is a moron, Frank, not even you. They are, they're, their, there.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Jerre: In this day of autocorrect and texting, spelling no longer matters. Spelling is no overrated, as long as you understand what's said, it's all good. The spelling Nazi jobs are no longer needed.

Jerry Carlin said...

hey Frank, you had the correct spelling! the Wrong word is all.

A Modest Scribler said...

At my age I'm guilty of typing the wrong word as well. I try to proof read but sometimes don't catch them.

Brian Kalifornia said...

I agree with you Frank, we don't need spelling Nazi's and since we're at it we can get rid of the PC Police. If people would spend as much time reading and "getting" the message instead of critiquing what's written, we would be better off. Just saying. Good to see you come around Scrib.

A Modest Scribler said...

I don't think Jerry was trying to be a spelling Nazi...just pointing out an error. And my mother always told me to write as proper grammar as you wish to be taken seriously so there's that. Thanks for your comments, Brian. As often as I can I've said I'm optimistic....not sold on Trump yet.