Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Orders of Business


Okay, after the euphoria dies down we need to look at the first orders of business.
First of all, Congress has no more excuses. The Republicans kept control of the Senate and the House has an overwhelming Republican majority. And now we have a President who at least says he's conservative. So, no more excuses.
1) The first two things Congress must do is kill Obamacare dead...and have a reasonable, cost-effective plan that hands healthcare decisions back to the individual. The second is for Trump to nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court....this 4-4 liberal conservative split will kill any Congressional laws if we don't fix he court immediately.
2) The second stage should be an immigration law that builds that damned wall, boosts the numbers of immigration officers, make E-Verify mandatory for all employers and levy heavy fines for those who hire illegals, cut off federal funds to all sanctuary cities who harbor illegals, refusing to turn them over to ICE. Were I Trump I would put our military on that border with orders to shoot and kill those Mexican and South American invaders, but that probably won't happen. Let Hispanics know that the multi-million illegal parade has come to a halt....and start packing their bags. Amend the 14th Amendment to prevent it from being used to grant citizenship to anchor babies.
3) Initiate tax reform that reduces the corporate tax from the western industrialized high of 35% down to 15%. That will encourage business expansion and solve Trump's problem with companies taking their business overseas....a 15% corporate tax will more than serve for companies to keep their business here in America. Restore the Capital Gains tax to it's previous lows......anyone who is willing to put their money at risk should be rewarded for taking that risk. Enact laws that mandate at least minimum tax payments to big companies....General Electric should never get away with paying no taxes. Quit giving expanded child tax credits after the third one should be rewarded for excessive breeding.
4) Entitlements: Audit the Food Stamp program. Kids getting federal education grants should not be getting food stamps that allow them to order pizza to their dorm room using food stamp cards. Make able bodied people perform community service to receive welfare and food stamp benefits. Force people on Medicaid to at least pay a small co-pay for doctor visits, fines for missed appointments, and no one on welfare or Medicaid should own late model cars, large screen televisions, gaming systems and I-phones. Stop the ridiculous practice of providing welfare for women breeding half a dozen kids, essentially making the taxpayer pay for her sex life.
5) Alert American students that the grand student loan giveaway is over! Economists are predicting that the next financial crisis will be the $2 trillion dollars in student loan debt that they show little means, or intent to re--pay.
(to be continued.)


Jerry Carlin said...

Good Morning, yes this will be a New World and at the least interesting! The last time we had a Republican President and Republican Congress it didn't go so well. I hope they have learned something! Yes, Trump is my President Elect too and I wish him well. And hope for a Better America with less Anger. Can we include adding Literature in the schools to your demands?
Never hurts to read! Have a great day and the next 4 years (sincerely!) Jerry

A Modest Scribler said...

Good morning, Jerry. Yes, let's please bring literature back to the classroom...but first we'll have to have classes in remedial reading. Let's hope for a better future.

TheRandyGuy said...

Trump is not a savior. That said, he was preferable to the alternative - I live in the Bay Area, and to see how these freaks are behaving, you'd have thought our nation had been taken over. Like Jerry said, the R's have a history of screwing it up, primarily (IMHO) because they are to willing to "compromise" (do what the Democrats want) and afraid of "offending" people (who don't vote R anyway). Ideally, they'll do two main things: 1) Stop the public bickering (Do what Dims do - fight it out behind closed doors, then go public and be united), and 2) Establish a list of priorities and act on them. Time will tell.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the post election assessment, Randy. Hoping for the best, expecting less this time and hoping they exceed expectations.