Friday, November 18, 2016

The Media Has Apparently Learned Nothing


If you thought the liberal mainstream media had learned anything on election night, you'd be wrong.  After stumbling and mumbling for reasons and excuses, after trying to puzzle out the degree of anger of the American electorate, after the ballot box clearly proved Americans weren't buying the electronic Hillary Cheerleading, the media has decided to just double down, or quadruple down on skewing Mr. Trump....and doing that skewing even before he's done anything.

Our headlines are full of the wildest accusation and speculations.  Trump's not "transitioning" fast enough.  Trump's getting ready to march 30 million illegals into death camps.  Trump's selection of an "alt-right" Breitbart hack whose going to destroy America (and after having never uttered a word about Muslim-worshipping socialist Valerie Jarrett who told Obama when he could wipe his ass...or even Hillary's pet Iranian, Huma.)  

The press is mounting "the sky is falling" media campaign unlike anything I've seen in modern political history.  It seems evident that the media moguls are sticking to Hillary's characterization of working, tax-paying Americans as that "basket of deplorables" and decided they'll settle on the "47 percenters" for their viewership.

I still believe that, in the long run, the media are eating their own.  They have been so biased and unfair that they've lost half of America and won't ever get them back.  That's okay....I'll cheer at the funeral.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


TheRandyGuy said...

What's even funnier is the MSM complaining about Trump's (prospective) treatment of the DC press corps. They are adamant that Trump permit press toadies to follow him everywhere he goes - and when (as he did a couple of days ago) he ditches them, they are mightily upset. Trump is smarter than they want to admit (I think they know it) and he will deal with them as he sees fit. Reagan had a line that went "If the Soviets are upset, I must be doing something right." Same goes with Dims and the MSM.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, at the risk of sounding like a Trump advocate, (I'm not, at least not yet), you said it, baby! I was laughing like a hyena when "the media troops" were whining about Trump eluding them! Yes!

Brian Kalifornia said...

Hey Scrib, we've already figured you out, your a closet Trump supporter. That's ok, we'll lead for you.

A Modest Scribler said...

Got no problem with that, Brian. But, to be honest, I'm still very, very leery, especially when I hear hints of Trump "softening" on particular issues. Still here with open mind and heart, and praying that The Donald proves me wrong and delivers on his promise. And I've decided not to regret Hillary getting her big ass handed to her.......I immensely enjoyed election night. Nice to hear from you, Brian.