Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 8th; What Will We See?


As all of my old gang knows, I've been sitting quietly and watching the circus, just waiting to see how the wildest, most unpredictable Presidential race plays out.  That does not mean I haven't been paying attention, and one of those things I've been watching closely is the electoral map.  I'm not one bit moved by those generic poll numbers that are issued by the pundits on a daily basis.  Nope, I'm looking at that electoral map and I see no possibility of Trump winning.

As I placed my cursor over that electoral map I was very generous with The Donald.  I gave him Florida and Nevada and Maine and Iowa and Ohio and North Carolina and Georgia and Nebraska, and all those other "toss-up" states where Trump was within 6 points of Hillary.  And when I added up the numbers Trump accrues 258, still 12 short of the necessary 270 to win.   I could not give Trump either Virginia or Pennsylvania because he simply can't overcome the overwhelming liberal voters of Philadelphia and, in Virginia, that liberal tidal basin around the nation's capitol.

The professional pundits are even less kind than I.  The most optimistic of the "mystics" give Trump 200 electoral votes, with Hillary surging well past the 270 she needs to win.

"Well", says I..."are there really enough angry voters out there?"...people who actually get off their collective asses and actually enter a voting booth, or fill out that mail in ballot?  Let's look at the numbers; the last three Presidential election numbers show that around 55% of eligible voters actually cast a ballot....even far less than that in the off-year elections.  And the only way Trump wins is if those voter numbers reach 65%...a percentage we have not seen in modern political history.

You all know I detest Trump.  I detest Hillary even more.  And yet, as I have professed time and again on this blog, I believe we are better off with a Clinton victory.  I believe that because, by the time Hillary is finished with that first term, conservatives will have fielded a real conservative, one with an IQ above 80, and one who will finally right the conservative ship.  We won't see that with The Donald, and we certainly won't see that with Hillary; she'll be so busy fighting criminal charges and warring with the Democratic far right, and the Republican House, she'll do little damage.

So, we'll see, folks.  We'll see if all those "internet Trumpers" actually get off their asses and go out and vote.  Should they do that they would certainly send a message to the "Capitol Corrupters" who have dwelled in "D.C. Land" for more than half a century.  I might be afraid of what The Donald would do but it would also be worth it to see the political establishment shook to their very core.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

You neglect to say the real problem with a Hillary Presidency is the open borders that will stream millions of Democrats into this Country. That will make a Republican ever winning the White house again, almost impossible. How about the Supreme Court? The Liberals/Progressives will run wild over this Country and there will be nothing we can do about it. Obamacare? Gone. In it's place? Single Payer. More Government intrusion into our lives. How about all the new taxes the middle class will have to endure. Plus, she'll spend more than she takes in and the National Debt will continue to climb. Democrats don't care if they spend us into oblivion. Now the good news is, Hillary might be so consumed with making money as President, she'll stay out of the way. Remember, she's not telling the truth about what she believes. One public, one private. She'll tell you what you want to hear to get elected, then switch.(see Obama). Damn. I hate her. I hate looking at her ugly mug, I hate hearing her irritating voice. She's the worst.

A Modest Scribler said...

Opinion noted, Frank. Have a great day.