Friday, November 25, 2016

Democrats Seeing Red And Sick To Their Stomach


For about 50 of my 68 years I was all for eliminating the electoral college.  Racial and cultural dynamics have changed my mind.  Gone are the days when voters voted for what they deemed "right".  The massive 43% riding the government gravy train have proven they'll vote for anyone, regardless of character and ethics, as long as the federal gravy keeps flowing.

The problem is compounded by the "plantation loyalists", the Blacks who always offer 90% of their votes as long as there's a (D) behind the name.  And California Hispanics, trying mightily, and succeeding into turning California into Mexico North, also give their votes to demagogic liberals who whore for votes wherever they can get them.  Same with the polyglot of New York City and the other large burgs about the country.

And usually the "Dims" can cobble enough votes together to stay in office, that likelihood more so every year as the gravy boat gets ever larger.  Those "Dims" can always count on Chicago and Baltimore and Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Atlanta, and Philadelphia, as well as the states of New York, California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois right out of the starting gate, causing it to be more and more difficult for a Republican to win the electoral vote.  This year was just a fluke...Trump got the blue collar, the tax-paying working stiff, and, yes, even the far right wing nuts, to go out to the polls in hopes of stopping Obama's huge Obamacare premium increases and quell the fiction of full employment.  93 million Americans out of the job force seemed to have plenty of time to go to the polls this year.

So, I'm glad the Electoral College saved us this year.  Saved us from more Muslim immigration and Mexican invasion, with all the associated ills that come with that.   However,  were I elected "King", I'd go much further...I would work to take the vote from every swinging dick that ain't paying taxes.  People who have no stake in curbing these massive federal outlays shouldn't determine who gets elected.  And, frankly, after seeing how women fell down and spread their legs for Hillary, just because she owns a vagina, has made me wonder if we shouldn't have been more selective in giving the women the right to vote least the ones on the public dole for life.   And, surely if Blacks can't discriminate between ethical and non, if they can still opt to elect folks like Charlie Rangel and Sheila Jackson, and Barack Obama, with his 40% Black unemployment rate, maybe, while we're amending the 14th Amendment to ban anchor babies, maybe we ought to go back and give the Blacks 3/5ths of a vote...cause they sure aren't helping America with who they're voting for now.

Sound extreme?  So's a $20 trillion dollar national debt.  So's wage suppression caused by 30 million illegal immigrants, and so's the growing aversion to working and paying taxes these days.

It's all sad.  Damned sad.  But I'm glad the Electoral College saved us for once.  And I'm extremely happy to hear the Democrats whining about it.


Jeff H said...

Trump is a loudmouth and I doubt if he can do much of what he promised us. But if a more mainstream, docile Republican had been the nominee, Hillary would be our next president. That would be much more repulsive than the Trumpster. Now Republicans have 4 years to get their act together. Will they do it or just sit on their hands collecting a paycheck for doing nothing?

A Modest Scribler said...

You pretty well summed up the $64,000 dollar question, Jeff. Gonna be interesting, if nothing else.

Jerry Carlin said...

Good Morning and Happy Black Friday! If it is not made in USA I do not buy it. Wish we all did this.
I am actually in Favor of the Electoral College! It is a part of our Constitution and there for a reason: to prevent Government by the majority, to prevent big population States like the Democratic California OR the traditional Conservative Florida from commandeering the Election.
Without the Electoral College the Original 13 Colonies would always have to do whatever the most populated Colony wanted. It was a good idea then as it is now and I didn't vote for Trump! A good Idea is a Good Idea!
We still have a ton of checks and balances in our Government and no President can be a Dictator. The Republicans have the ball now. It is in their court. We will know who to blame or who to praise. Traditional American Politics swings back and forth, it is what we do. Whoever is in charge we can still pick up the trash, be the best we can be, protect the planet and support people who work hard for a living.

A Modest Scribler said...

Good morning, Jerry. Well said and I'm all for checks and balances (as long as they swing the way I want. :)). Yes, it's Black Friday. I"m not shopping but my thoughts are black cause I face the harsh prospect of plowing through far too much leftover turkey. (And please don't send me leftover turkey recipes.

Merry Christmas!

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Democrats will be whining for 4 years and that includes the news media. I still am waiting to see just one newspaper article that shows Trump doing something good. No matter what he does, they are against him. Too many White Males, not fast enough, every one he picks is Racist or a White Supremacist, Ben Carson will be too Uncle Tomish, and the women he picks have at some time in their life, chewed they're fingernails or forgot to brush their teeth last night. I guess after sniffing Obama's ass for 8 years, they figure a little negativity will wear well on their Readers. Give it a rest guys. You're going to lose BIG time dollars if you continue this path. I will never again buy a newspaper and I'm sure there's a lot of people like me. It really is tiring to just see the headlines. "Trump takes bowel movement, seems to be constipated". Are there any non Liberal Writers anymore? Went to lunch with my Daughter and her friend who happen to work for the local paper. They lean right but can't let anyone know for fear of losing their jobs. That's sick to not have freedom of choice anymore.

A Modest Scribler said...

Feel sorry for your paper writing friend. A lot of that going around, Frank. I boycotted my local paper a few years ago when they began censoring the crime news so as not to offend our Hispanics. On Wednesday our "energizer bunny" was busy lobbying Apple to start manufacturing here. On Thursday, Thanks giving for god's sake, Trump was lobbying Carrier not to export those jobs to Mexico. I'd say the guy's trying hard to keep at least some of his promises. But, you're right, you won't see that in your local paper.

Jerry Carlin said...

Ah, come on you guys, my paper is pretty "Liberal" and I read Both those stories on its Front Page!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Then it must not be a McClatchey or Gannett owned newspaper, Jerry. If by chance it is, maybe the libs are too busy eating turkey leftovers to censor this Black Friday.

TheRandyGuy said...

Remember, in the original USA there was no income tax, few sales taxes, mostly just property tax and tariffs to fund the government. The only voters were the land owners that paid the taxes - nobody else was granted the privilege of voting since they had no skin in the game. My, oh my, how things have changed: Property taxes are now strictly state money. The income tax is only paid by about half of America, with the top 50%of earners paying the way for everybody. Illegals are encouraged to vote (at least in CA:, and public employee unions buy legislators by the hundreds via "campaign donations". DT won, but it remains to be seen what will happen (R's are already shivering in their tassel loafers over the prospect of running over the D's, because "What happens when we're not in the majority?!?!"). Politics is a game and I don't take it personally.