Friday, November 4, 2016

Capitol Corruption


If I may, I'd like to offer a tiny, tiny illustration showing the depth of corruption that exists in our nation's capitol.  And I won't even mention the union thugs, or the K-Street lobbyists, or the IRS, or Congressmen trading stocks based on inside information.  Nope, the one I offer comes from the mainstream liberal media who seek to influence and control public opinion.  

Consider this.  Donna Brazille has been paid millions by CNN and NBC over the last two offer "objective opinion" about the state of politics in our nation.  She has been trotted out by those two networks thousands of times to "tell it like it is".  And she's been paid these vast sums even as both of those liberal networks knew that she worked as Al Gore's campaign chairman, has been a life long cheerleader for the Clintons, openly expresses her worship for Barack Hussein Obama.  

Okay, let's forget about Brazille's history for a moment, and just concentrate on her future.  Folks, I will guarantee you that, as soon as the dust settles, Brazille will be right back on the CNN and NBC airwaves, again speaking "the truth", as she and her liberal media friends see it.

She'll show up on Meet The Press, and CNN Sunday Morning, and a host of other news shows.  And, on those shows politicians will show up, both Republican and Democrat, and they will be grilled in according to tradition.  And here's the rub:  not one of those politicians, from either party, will ever look over at Big Donna and say something like "who are you feeding the debate questions to this year?"  Not one will dare to say that!  Oh that would be rude!  That would be gauche!  That's not how Washington does business!

And, friends, that's the rub.  Washington has become so corrupt, so politically correct, that no one will challenge bad ethics!

And that, folks, is why a guy like Donald Trump can get as high in the polls as he is.  Americans are just sick and tired of all the games, all the under the table deals, all the political niceties that exist in our nation's capitol......a capitol where chummy deals and chummy "shoulder rubbing" is more important that ethical behavior.

So Donna Brazille, and the hundreds more of her ilk, will continue to thrive...will continue to rake in millions of dollars...telling us things that are not, nor ever were true.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Jeff H said...

If Trump should win on Tuesday, can you imagine the venom these talking heads will spew forth for the next four years? Some of them will be so worked up, their heads will literally explode live on the air. In any event, the circus is sure to continue and become even more hateful in the foreseeable future. We are doomed!

TheRandyGuy said...

My question was "Why did it take CNN more than two weeks to take action after she was shown to have provided the debate questions to HRC?" I concur with you that the rot in DC is terminal, there is no fix via the election process, but to attribute Trumps's rise to that while simultaneously claiming he's just as bad in other ways ignores the truth that the people are increasingly fed up with what's going on in the capital. The pols know it, too, but will rely upon force to keep the public in line. HRC's election may well bring the fight everyone knows is coming (and is long overdue).