Friday, July 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Should Be Scared To Death


Britain's vote to leave the EU should be scaring Hillary Clinton.  This is the year of the "common man's revolt".  Disgusted by our government masters, the people are fighting back.  Britain's decision to leave the EU was largely because they were tired of the EU shoving 300,000 Muslim refugees dow their collective throat each year.  Anyone who thinks these massive migrant immigrations isn't a big thing is not thinking clearly.

Here in the states Hillary and the Dems have been so busy kissing illegal immigrant ass that they've been unable, or unwilling to look back, behind them, to see the storm clouds brewing.  Americans are tired of illegal immigrant crime, tired of enduring property and sales tax hikes to educate illegal children, tired of footing their medical bills, tired of paying for welfare and WIC and food stamps for "14th Amendment Citizens" who have learned to hate America while taking her sustenance.

"Killary" has said she'll double down on Obama's illegal immigrant pandering and we can only take her at her word.  We'll continue to hear from the Dems that our immigration laws aren't working, when, really, all that is lacking is that our current immigration laws be enforced.

Yes, Hillary is going to get the Black vote....they love their liberal plantation, even as they rot in the ghetto.  And Hillary will have many Hispanic votes (though perhaps not as many as she thinks..I have many Hispanic friends who abhor this illegal invasion).  But Hillary should know that Americans, like Britains, have had their belly full...of internationalism, corporate elitism, political lobbyists, political pandering to interest groups, to win their vote...and they are damn tired of seeing America turning into another iteration of Mexico and those pockets of Sharia societies raising their ugly heads all around America.

Hillary had better watch out.  Britain voted for "Leave".  America just might order Hillary Clinton to do the same.  This has been a crazy year, with many surprises.  I wouldn't be shocked to see more of them before the year is out.


Jeff H. said...

I would have thought with all her baggage the democrats would laugh at the thought of her being their nominee. But then again, the republicans should have had a cake walk winning this election after 8 years of that clown in office. Look who is their nominee. Crazy times indeed!

A Modest Scribler said...

Totally agree, Jeff...just a batshit crazy year.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Trump-2016. It's going to be a GREAT year! Killary is toast!!

A Modest Scribler said...

I beg to differ,'s a terrible year with horrible choices.