Monday, July 4, 2016

Thomas Jefferson On Revolution; You Don't Need "Permission"

Thomas Jefferson had this to say about what Americans need to do to maintain their liberty:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. ... God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?  Let them take arms." -- Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

Does Anyone think Jefferson was kidding?  An empty boast?  Hey folks, this was one of our founding fathers!  The guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence!  Yeah, one of those founding fathers who King George vowed to hang!  No, Jefferson wasn't kidding and it's time American citizens get off their placid ass and listened to him.  

Do you need another Supreme Court decision that gives the federal government supreme power to make you buy anything?  To do anything the government tells you to do?  

How many of you have noted how many "edicts" and "presidential orders" Obama has issued lately.  How many of you know enough about government to know that Obama has side-stepped our Constitution's checks and balances and named himself "emperor", deciding which laws he chooses to enforce and which ones he won't!

Defend our borders against illegal immigration?  "No", says Obama.

Empower "Czars" to ignore Congress and act and spend tax payer dollars without Congressional Authority?  Yes!

Declare "Executive Privilege" to cover up Fast and Furious?  By all means!

Dole out taxpayer money to unions, Acorn, illegal Mexicans, Welfare Queens, campaign donors in order to win the vote?  You bet!

Spend two million dollars in legal fees to completely seal off from public view every school, office or criminal record from his past?  Why not?

Violate the Constitutional protection of separation of church and state by forcing religious organizations to pay for birth control pills and abortions?  The Emperor wills it!

Confiscate the wealth of the successful and re-distribute it to the lazy sloth of the welfare crowds?  Hey, anything that will win him a vote.

Grant "permanent victim hood" to those who drop out of school, ingest drugs, breed irresponsibly and demonize the successful?  Also yes!

Guess what people!  Washington and Jefferson and Franklin and Adams and Patrick Henry didn't ask permission to revolt....and you don't have to either!  Not if you still believe in what our Founding Fathers believed in!


Ken said...

Well Done, LIA!!! One problem I see...How do you generate interest in an apathetic society?? With all that is known about this disaster of a president he still leads in every poll I see and it's nearly August.
Republican leadership still doesn't do anything to show they give a s**t. They have, I think to their peril, just blown off the Tea Party. Not even an invite to Sara Palin, one of our great supporters, to the convention. With all that could be lost, the behavior of the Republican party is just despicable. I get phone calls, e mails, etc., from them telling me how they need my help to energize their base, and please send money...the base is way past energized, it is near complete melt down with rage, it's the leadership stupid.
I am told by so many that I need to hold it down when I speak, that political conversation isn't appropriate at family, church, restaurant, etc., gatherings. Well if not there, then where?
Long time now I have been a strong advocate of some good old civil disobedience, but since I bathe regularly, don't get a welfare check and vote conservatively I get little or no support.
It is so hard to watch this great country being taken apart by people who never knew what it was all about and how great we once were.
I watched the idiot Bill O'Rielly and Lou Dobbs yesterday as they dicussed the missing billions from obama's stimulus and nobody knows where it is nor are they willing to talk about it. The most disturbing part of the segment was the uncontroled laughter from both Dobbs and O'Rielly. Lou almost couldn't finish his sentence when demonstrating how almost 4 trillion dollars is missing. WTF, this is FOX news? They are talking about a sisister entity destroying our enire way of life! These are people I should trust? I was longing for the day I watched the "Huntley Brinkley Report" with my dad when news people behaved like adults and acted as though what they were saying was important and actually mattered.
I just don't think it matters to anybody anymore. Everybody knows how much taxes are going up and medical costs are going to rise. How much illegals are costing us, nobody cares.
I'll keep bitching, and driving people crazy telling them to read your column and you keep writing these great columns; but a revolution? I doubt it, I just pray that enough show up to vote!! Sorry if I went on too long, I guess I needed a vent today, Thanks again

JustCommonSense said...

Vent away, Ken. As to 'apathy', I don't think we'll have to wait long for that apathy to go away if Obama is re-elected. The bills for Obamacare and his huge deficits come soon..with all that entails. That will include hyper inflation and mandatory constraints on federal spending. A lot of people who are apathetic today won't be apathetic then. if you read my "civil war' scenario of yesterday, that's exactly how I believe this plays out...and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Anonymous said...

In attempting to compile a list of Obama atrocities, you have forgotten something that Republicans always seem to forget....FACTS. I know they get in the way of your slanderous remarks. Do you know how many executive orders Obama has written that were designed to undo the damage from George Bush? How about the one that Bush enacted to cover up and limit information on the office of the presidency? Obama made that his first open up the communication channels again after Bush closed the door with his order. The list goes on. Research it and learn. FACT...just another four-letter Tea Party word. Sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

In the past 100 years, Executive Orders were almost non-existent until George W. Bush began his reign as 'emperor' in chief. Obama used this same privilege to counter all of the damage done by Bush. Then, he stopped and didn't issue an E.O. for two years. Bush issued them every month, including the grand daddy of them all, 'The Patriot Act'. That order alone will be the end of our free society one day. For a party that pleads against big government, Bush set in motion more federal scrutiny than anyone in history. Bush began the E.O.'s a fact. You can look it up.

Also, while you are at it, take a peek at the list of E.O.'s from Obama and let me know which of them are socialist or communist or don't have the best interest of the American people in mind. Then look at the faith-based, big business edicts that Bush shoved down the throats of the country and compare them. Anyone can spew rhetoric without facts. You should try it the right way for once.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including both of my opinions. That's fairness.

JustCommonSense said...

Anon, I cited specific instances of when Obama issued "edicts" or executive orders. You charge Bush with doing so and only cite the Patriot Act, and you are wrong on the Patriot Act. That was not an executive order; that was a legislative act proposed by Bush and passed by act of Congress.

Again, you lose the argument. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

You are correct on the Patriot Act. It was not an Executive Order. You neglect, however, to verify that Bush issued 62 E.O.'s during his two terms, the most in history at that time. He was the first to misuse this authority. Speak to only that, please. Do you dispute this fact? Have you done your research?

JustCommonSense said...

No, most Presidents have issued Executive Orders, the vast majority of them minor procedural issues... and that is not what my essay was about; it was about issuing executive orders that specifically defied U.S. laws..and in Obama's case, specifically choosing not to enforce U.S. law, such as our immigration laws.

Anonymous said...

No, MOST presidents did NOT issue Executive Orders. The few that did averaged 4-5 during their term(s) until Clinton issued 15 E.O.'s while he was in office. Bush issued 62 Executive Orders. Over 400% more orders than the highest number up until that time. Can you cite the E.O. that Obama issued that was against the law? What was it called? I have reviewed all of Obama's E.O.'s and have found nothing regarding immigration. Give me the Executive Order number if you have it, please.

JustCommonSense said...

Okay, your ignorance is now showing which, at this point means, you no longer get to post on this particular subject...any future will be deleted. Any readers who REALLY wish to know about executive orders can simply Google "How many executive orders did each President issue?"...FDR issue over 3,000 of them, hundreds each by every President since then...this poster didn't even bother to do his research since all of his "numbers" were pulled out his ass.

I don't waste my time on folks who won't even do the most basic research.

JustCommonSense said...

Note to Readers: Did anyone notice that I cited Obama's circumvention of Congressional Law by issuing an Executive Order not to enforce our illegal immigration laws (via "Dreamers") and he still didn't even bother to read my response..and asked the same question all over again?

Debating liberals is a waste of time...sigh.

Ken said...

I'm getting old, I almost didn't recognize that first person up there. Thank you for that.

Here I sit watching all channels on TV paying homage to their still as yet not elected dictator, obama. This includes my one last bastion Fox. Fuck them anyhow. I have lost all confidence in this country. To think that an electorate would do it twice and watching it happen is bleeding my life away. I hate to see it. What happened? The dumbing down? I don't know. My own kids, knowing how I feel all just love this bastard leader. The tactics are so blatant here. The destruction of a country. Khrushchev was right, "we would fall like a rotten fruit from the tree into his hand" Fucking Sad, More Pathetic than sad.

Ken said...

For that person who doesn't know how to google...the link below was the first result on that engine, from the National Archive, list of presidents with the number of EO's by each. Easy, eh? Dumb shits, no wonder you would want to give up this blog...

Ken said...

woops, just noticed the date, dumb shit is probably in line to vote again

Looking for The Enemy Within said...

Well said! You covered everything and 100% right!