Monday, July 4, 2016

Tom and John and Ben Claimed No Safe Spaces


We laugh at these ditzy, coddled college students demanding "safe spaces" from the world. But, in reality, there are far more claiming safe spaces..more than at any time in our history.

Our youth, raised by a "it takes a village" parenting model, adorned in blue ribbons (for participating) just can't cope with real world realities. Drowning in their student debt, unable to get a real job with their philosophy degrees, and still living in their mom's basement, are demanding a savior who might afford them a safe space from life.

And, before we leap up and cast the first stone, we need to realize that far too many adults have their own safe space; a place to get away from the realities of a crumbling economy, corrupt government at every level, an explosion of immorality, massive government debt, the exportation of American jobs, with their government masters lying to them at every turn...even as they wrest person liberties by the hour.

So the "grownups" watch their Maury and their Jerry Springer and their Wendy Williams...because watching trash makes them feel their own lives are just a little less trashy.

Or they spend their evenings watching reality TV shows, or the exploits of shadowy super heroes, the ass magnificence of one or another Kardashian, or the childish pranks of one of the late night Jimmies.

And all of this "safe space" claiming is bringing our nation to its knees. On this day we ought to be thinking about those now scorned old white guys who gathered in Philadelphia 200 plus years ago. Those boys had no safe space....had any of them been caught by the English they would have been hung on a lanyard within the hour.

Instead, those vastly educated, fearless old boys had studied their Locke and Rousseau and embraced the concept that freedom and personal liberty are divine rights from God...not granted by government or kings.

So those old guys staked their fortune and their life in that heroic effort to establish a free republic. No safe spaces for any of them.

Sadly, today, we are so caught up in our own demand for a "safe space" that we've forgotten those long ago lessons. Indeed, it was Thomas Jefferson, our Declaration's author, who declared that "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots".

The only hope for our beloved nation is for Americans to abandon their "safe spaces", take to the field, throw off the chains of oppressive government, and declare once again our independence from government nannies whose ultimate goal is to legislate and regulate away your rights to pursue happiness in your own way.

The sooner folks realize that there are no "safe spaces" the sooner we can actually begin to feel "safe". again.

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