Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Everybody Dance To The "I Beat The Rap..Hillary Rap"


"My name is "Hil" and I beat the wrap
We not like the average sap
Me and Bill..we real cool cats
Know where all buried bones are at!'

"Me and Bill We so so rich
Ain't gonna be no prison bitch!
Bill fixed it good he put the pinch
Out on that plane with Jessica Lynch!"

"Said Bill "Hey Jess...remember I appointed you, you little wench
Back in the 90's to the federal bench"
So 'hey girl' know if I have my drutha
I be cool if just don't prosecute that Hillary motha"

"My name is "Hil"..I be above the law
Don't care about others in those prison walls
I beat Travelgate and downed old Vince
No prison cells for barbed wire fence!"

"So get on the Hillary Rap
I'll soon be Prez...cause of those liberal saps
And me and Bill...we still be rich
Thanks to Mideast Moguls with a greedy itch!"

I gonna make Bill the first "First Man"
He be earning it with that airport scam!
So get on down and rap with me
Cause taking down America is my cup of tea!"


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