Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Obamacare Is On The Critical List


The Chicago Tribune reported this week that Illinois' Land of Lincoln State Health Exchange is facing bankruptcy, its only hope for survival is pulling out of Obama's health exchanges.  That makes 17 of the original 23 state health care providers that have pulled out of the Obamacare program.

Most of the big health care providers have already pulled the plug.  Some of the factors making Obamacare untenable has been Obama's own mandates.  For example, single men are forced to pay for maternity coverage, even as they they are biologically unable to bear a child.  Senior citizens pay for birth control that they will never, ever need.  However, according to the health exchanges, the most crippling factor has been the ability of "gamers" to refrain from signing up for Obamacare (and taking the less expensive penalty assessments), then jumping into a health exchange as soon as they get sick.

Many Americans simply can't afford the premiums, with premiums as high as $19,000 dollars a year for middle class working Americans.  And while "Robin Hood Obama" robs from the working class and gives to the lazy, overall, the program is a massive failure.

Congressman Paul Ryan announced this past week that the House, having failed to repeal Obamacare, will try to re-work it...introducing reforms in increments.  Ryan's plan calls for providing basic care for the needy, but does so through the introduction of tax credits.  This would afford Americans the opportunity to buy only the coverage they need, allowing senior citizens to give up their birth control and maternity coverage, and pay for only what they use.

I don't see much hope for Ryan's plan.  Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are for expanding Obamacare (to include allowing illegal Mexicans access to federally subsidized health exchanges) so I'm seeing big "vetoes" ahead for anything the House and Senate tries to bring forward.

Since Obamacare was implemented health care premiums in some states have gone up as much as 400 percent, a far cry from Obama's promise to lower premiums by 25%.

Sadly, as every policy Obama has ever implemented the consequences are always the opposite of what he promised.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


theRandyGuy said...

The R's actually have all the leverage on the ACA issue, if they care to use it. You are correct when you predict a veto of any R "reform" that Obama/Clinton do not explicitly approve, but that's when it gets interesting. If the ACA stays as is (and it will without R assistance to change it), then the continued financial failure will increase - Dims have no ability to stop it, since there is no requirement that any insurance company participate. All the R's need do is wait. As more people have difficulty in signing up (and the prices continue to increase), the House R's will have the ability to dictate the changes they want. IF. If they can withstand the political pressure from the left to open the gates to medicare for everybody (including illegals), the pressure to mandate price controls on providers, deductibles, and premiums. In short, if the House R's finally grow a pair, there is nothing HRC and the Dims can do about it. Chances of them doing that? Don't hold your breath.

A Modest Scribler said...

I'm hopeful of your scenario, Randy. Of course it will require the Republicans to grow a pair and resist the "the sky is falling" dog and pony show the Dems are sure to stage.