Friday, July 22, 2016

My Candidacy And My Platform


My Fellow Citizens

Being unsatisfied with my current choices for President, I am, today, declaring my candidacy for the President of The United States.

I enter this contest begrudgingly, motivated only by a deep love for this country.  I throw my hat in the ring because America has become  the opposite of 'E Pluribus Unum', and are instead now "E Unum Pluribus"..."out of one, many"...our President and his party hell bent on slicing and dividing us by class and ethnic group, our guilt assigned to those of us who still work for a living, or have a little savings in a bank account.

Today, after eight years under Obama rule, our nation faces the greatest racial divisions in half a century.  And I am weary and leery of a government that seems unable to fix a single national problem...yet has intruded into our persona lives in ways never imagined.  We've seen government weapons purposely sent to Mexican drug be used to kill American Border Patrol agents.  Our citizens are harassed by the Internal Revenue Service for the crime of following our own personal political beliefs.   Our government, for the first time in our history, has forced a health care program on us that has proven personally costly and totally unworkable.   And our government has served as "fomenter", both here and abroad...praising Muslims and persecuting Christians who dare stand by the religious tenets expounded by the Holy Bible.  Abroad, this President has abandoned our democratic allies, championed the overthrow of sitting heads of state, and retreated from America's traditional role aa leader of the free world.  Worst of all, he has failed to wage a war on terrorism..a war we must win and cannot afford to lose.

As Obama exits the stage, America must prepare for years of "clean-up"...of the holy mess this "man-child" has wrought.  Restoring America to her previous eminence, resolving our national ills, and once again claiming leadership of the world stage will prove to be mighty challenges.  I am not satisfied with the two choices available to us in the next election.  Therefore, I am "entering the arena", putting my name in the hat, and ask for your support in the months ahead.

I enter this candidacy unselfishly and unambiguously.  Having fought for my country, and having served in diverse places around the globe, I understand what President Reagan said many years ago..."that freedom is never guaranteed and must be fought for with every generation".

Unlike many candidates today, I do not expect you to support my candidacy until you clearly understand the policies I would work to implement during a Friend Presidency.  Therefore, I am offering you my ideas for American restoration.  


For more than half a century our own IRS estimates that as much as $800 billion dollars are lost each year through tax fraud...profits from illicit drug sales, cash payments to illegal aliens for work performed, citizen tax fraud through underreporting, or failing to even file income taxes.  From the corporate world we have financial giants like General Electric using financial voodoo to pay no corporate taxes at all, or as little as possible through the corporate lobbying of Congress.  And, for the past two decades hundreds of American corporations have shipped both their jobs and their money to more favorable tax havens, to exploit cheap labor, or to skirt American environmental laws.  All this must stop.

1)  Upon being elected I will propose a reduction in corporate taxes...from the current 35% to 15%, enabling American business to compete with foreign competitors on a level playing field.  Concurrently, I will send to Congress a bill banning corporate lobbyists within a 300 mile radius of our nation's capitol.  

2) To create new jobs I will work to provide tax credits for any business investing in state of the art plant equipment and processes and offer further tax credits for any business who chooses to employ an American worker.

3) I will propose tax incentives (but no government grants) to any business enterprise engaged in the expansion of solar and wind and clean coal processing technology.

4) I will propose the elimination of the personal income tax.  Instead I will implement a ten percent national sales tax on every product or service.   This sales tax will generate all the revenue the federal government needs since we will be eliminating tax fraud and roping in revenue from every prostitute, drug dealer, illegal Mexican worker and every other form of tax cheating employed to date.  That $800 billion in income not reported each year will enter the coffers of the federal treasury.  Accordingly, I will reduce the size of the IRS by 90 percent, making them a "receiver" of federal tax revenue and not an "assessor". 

5)  I will eliminate child tax credits for "serial breeders".  After four children the federal government will cease and desist from subsidizing your sex life.  (See Welfare, below).


1)  I will eliminate the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.  Instead, I will "block grant' federal money back to the states who are more readily capable of detecting fraud, waste and abuse in these programs.  

2)  Several  caveats will be imposed on the states, making HEW block grants conditional.  No welfare check shall be issued, no Section 8 housing vouchers will be issued, no food stamp money allotted to any citizen capable of working to earn those benefits...whether it is serving as teacher's aids, raking leaves in the park, painting over gang graffiti, working in an animal shelter or any other community service deemed beneficial to those communities.  We will always take care of the truly needy but we simply must stop borrowing money from China and Japan to pay for the "gamers" who exploit our good intentions.  In addition, for any family on the public dole, please know that medical, dental, free child care, public funded education, and welfare benefits stop after you've bred your fourth child.  And anyone receiving government benefits will be subject to an in-home audit to determine if welfare money is being spent on large screen televisions, smart phones, or gaming systems....if you can afford those, you don't need federal money.

Medical Care

1)  I will terminate Obamacare on my first day in office.  I will replace Obamacare with a series of reforms which put health care decisions back in the realm of personal choices.  I will propose a free market system of healthcare that allows providers to market their products across state lines...promoting competition and eliminating monopolistic practices that exist today.  Rather than direct government outlays for personal health care plans I will propose incentives for tax free health care savings accounts and allow them to be used for any member of the immediate family, and allow them to be passed down to children and grandchildren tax free.  Premiums for poverty level citizens will be funded through the use of direct tax credits, allowing those impoverished to buy their own, less expensive health care premiums in the open market.  Again, health care subsidies will be terminated after the birth of the fourth child....if you're breeding children you can't afford, well, that's your loss.

2)The Medicaid Program will be terminated, thus eliminating the scores of thousands bureaucrats now employed to say "nay or yay" on your health care decisions.  (See above).

Social Security And Medicare

I will propose a bill that separates Social Security taxes from the General Fund.  Until 1965 the Social Security Trust Fund has trillions of dollars it.  Then, President Johnson, in order to fund the Vietnam War and the War on Poverty, began robbing the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for generous benefits meant to win elections.  I will restore the Social Security Trust Fund and make it untouchable for anything except what those funds were intended keep our seniors fed and sheltered and cared for in their retirement years. However, since the SS Trust Fund has already been raided by trillions of dollars, we will have to write an IOU to that the tune of several trillions of dollars.  To fund the payback to Social Security, I would propose that 1% of all federal revenues be allocated to the Social Security Trust Fund, with additional funding provided through the augmentation of a ten percent cut in salary and benefits to all federal employees making more than $100,000 per year, including the President and Congress.


The Medicare program is essential for the healthcare of our senior citizens.  However, as with Social Security, Medicare funding has often been diverted to other, more voter friendly programs, the most recent being Obama's diverting of $800 billion Medicare dollars to fund Obamacare.  I would confiscate all unspent dollars and return them to the Medicare account.  I would then, as with Social Security, make those funds untouchable to any politician.  

However, it should be noted that Medicare itself is fraught with fraud, waste and abuse.  In the last ten years we've discovered the Russian Mafia colluding with corrupt doctors to defraud the program of over $800 billion dollars.  We've seen Medicare pay for penis pumps and adult diapers, wheel chairs that cost ten times more than on the open market, and fraudsters trading mobility scooters issued to folks who don't and have never needed one.  Enough is enough.  I will propose a team of auditors be assigned to the Medicare program...private contractors who will be awarded ten percent of all fraudulent money they find.

We can take good care of our seniors if we just nail the fraudsters and the fakes, and quit diverting Medicare taxes that should only be used for the program's original intent.

Immigration Reform

My fellow citizens; don't let the Democrats fool you.  When they talk of reform they are really talking about the relaxation of our immigration laws...and that's been the cruz of our immigration problems.

1) Upon taking office I will immediately repeal Obama's illegal amnesty executive orders.

2) Any "dreamer" who wishes to be granted American citizenship must serve four years in our Armed Forces or in an equivalent, approved community service program.  At the end of that four years those "dreamers" will have earned their right to citizenship.

3) Deportation of 30 million illegal immigrants.  Mitt Romney had it right.  We don't have to spend hundreds of billions in the deporation of illegal invaders.  All we need do is make it impossible for them to collect federal or state benefits, or draw a paycheck for their work.  They will go back to Mexico when the gravy bowl is pulled away!    I will implement a fool proof E-Verify program, requiring holographic identification that cannot be forged.  I will put any business "out of business" who hire illegal aliens. I will stop the flow of all federal funding to the 361 American cities who have been deemed "sanctuary cities"....who actually encourage the flourishing flow of illegal aliens to this country.

4)  Once I have rid this nation of those 30 million Mexican invaders I will open up the immigration system to the hundreds of thousands of "legal immigrant applicants" who've been waiting for years to come here under the rule of law.

5)  I will "build that wall" and make Mexico pay for it.  Donald Trump seems unable to articulate how.  I will tell you how....we stop our $7 billion in foreign aid given to Mexico each year.  We impose a ten percent tariff on all Mexican made goods until Mexico begins enforcing their own borders, and we double the size of the Border Patrol to make damn sure they do!  Failing that, I have no qualms about putting our armed forces at the border, locked and loaded, with instructions to shoot and kill anyone still dumb enough to invade.


In the next days and weeks I'll be expounding on other facets of my platform, to include foreign policy,  American education reform, trade and restoring the American economy to its former grandeur.  My philosophy will always be to quit fighting over a "piece of the pie" and just grow a larger pie...that's the secret to American success and prosperity.   If you like my platform so far, please remember my name for that "write-in" space on your ballot.


Jeff H. said...

Why is 'common sense' so uncommon?

A Modest Scribler said...

Ya got me there, Jeff. Have a good weekend.

Don Done said...

You've got my vote.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Too late. Wonderful platform, not enough time to get to the masses. How about a new Political Party? The Common Sense Party. Maybe it's not too late. I'm in.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Don. And thanks, Frank. I'm hoping for a last minute surge! And I love your idea, Frank, for the party name!

theRandyGuy said...

Here, here... Not just what you want to do, but exactly how it will be paid for. And you will be opposed by every person with a "D" after their name, every individual drawing any social welfare benefits, and every member of any government employee union. In short, patriots will support you. Modern day Tories will oppose you.