Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Paula Deen Died For Your Sins


More than five years ago one of my first blogs was a lighthearted satire about Paula Deen and her nearly orgasmic delight in the use of butter. I was never a big fan of Paula; I just didn't understand how her millions of fans could buy that southern mush mouth humor that emanated from her kitchen. However, at no time did I ever wish Paula Deen harm.

So this morning I'm cruising through my Google news feed and I come across a Paula Deen news feature from some liberal site called. A.V. com. The site has taken very short video clips of Paula Deen on one of those more obscure shopping networks, freeze framed the videos, then did everything they could to make Paula Deen look as ridiculous as they could.

I was not shocked by that...liberals will go to any length to portray their "enemies" in a bad light. However, what was most disturbing were the 52 comments from the site's "liberal groupies" who were utterly hateful and vile and vulgar....every one of them.

Folks, this is the mind set of the socialist-liberal crowd today. These liberals really are the new "brownshirts"...human demons not unlike those German Fascists that we had to defeat to save the world 75 years ago.

Instead of Jews, (although these new brownshirts, led by Obama, have taken a real dislike for Israel), today's brownshirts inflict their bile on anyone who have ever, ever said anything that was "politically incorrect" (read whatever they don't agree with).

These liberal brownshirts are a totally new phenomenon, folks. These aren't your granddaddy's liberals, who smoked some grass, sang peace songs, and protested war. These are people who wish to whip you into submission...whose aims are to fashion a society where everyone falls in line with the socialist agenda. And they are as full of bile and hate as anyone who has ever walked the earth.

These people are absolutely without grace or the capacity for forgiveness. Just look about you in the last five years. Look at how many people of note; celebrities, authors, business people, TV personalities, who have erred and uttered some politically incorrect thing..and were then eviscerated by the brownshirts. And no one is exempt from having their lives destroyed by these people!

Fascism, from either the right, or the left, is a horrible, horrible thing to witness. And we are drowning in it! Oppose illegal immigration and you're a racist! Want to keep the girl's restroom sacrosanct for your little're a homophobe! Oppose Obama and you may as well utter the word "nigger" cause you're racist through and through.

Folks, I have said repeatedly that there's a 2nd Civil War coming. My timeline for when it comes may have been off, but I do believe it's coming...perhaps after my lifetime, but it will be here for my children. i believe the "well living", "well-meaning" "God-fearing", "hard-working" people in America will some day rise up, lock and load, and hit the streets to clean up this "liberal brownshirt" mess that is making it very hard to live and love freely, while maintaining the right to express a personal opinion without being subject to character assassination and personal destruction.

I do not embrace Donald Trump or Paula Deen as our "freedom mascots"...we don't need either of them to understand that our rights to express our own opinions are under massive attack by a vile, vicious, violent minority of liberal socialists brownshirts that threaten the very concept of freedom.

Sad. Damned Sad.


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