Friday, July 15, 2016

Why I'm Glad The "Ginny-Bug" Spoke Out


This may surprise you folks, but, personally, I'm glad Ruthie spoke out...not once, but three times against Trump.  You see, for decades we've witnessed the secret biases of those liberal judges on the Supreme Court.  We see it in the most bizarre judicial decisions; decisions that are destructive to American society, but are "rote mantra" for the liberal religion.   They march in lockstep with the liberal agenda, completely ignoring the Constitution in doing so, and rule unanimously for the liberal pap they called "law".

At last we have one of those liberal judges showing their true colors, wallowing in the mire of politics, unable to disguise their worship of Hillary Clinton.  Ginsburg's blurting of her distaste for Trump is the equivalent of sucking shit from the's always been always stank to high heaven, but less so now that it's been sucked up and exposed to fresh air.

We see liberal hypocrisy at ever turn; on MSNBC where the "journalists" show clear biases for Hillary and Company.  Day before yesterday I was over on the CNBC site and they offered a "news item" about how Hillary was innocent of any wrongdoing in her email debacle.  And who wrote the news article?  Lanny Davis, one of Clinton's own's that for "journalism".  

Personally, I'd like to see all of the liberal judges on The Supremes "out themselves" and declare their liberal religion.  Old "Ginny-Bug" didn't say a damn thing that isn't foremost in the minds of her fellow liberals on the court.

"Know Your Enemy", said warrior Sun Tzu....that's wise advice.  If there were any doubts as to who our enemies are at least one of those liberal judges made it quite evident this week.


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Jeff H. said...

I always enjoy a good read from you in the morning. Now those of us still possessing a bit of common sense feel overwhelmed by liberal freeloaders. The impotent Republicans won't do anything to stop this raping of our values and the invaders know it. God help us all!