Monday, July 25, 2016

The Democratic Convention; A Preview

If any of you are going to be too busy this week to watch the Democratic Convention, let me preview it for you.

First of all, I can define the difference between Democrats and Republicans in two sentences.  1) At The Republican Convention delegates stood and cheered when prominent speakers called for hard work and sacrifice.  2)  At the Democratic Convention delegates will stand and cheer when they are told what government is going to "give" them.   If you wish to stop reading now, you've pretty well got the gist of what' the Democratic Convention is all about.  If you want to know how they'll promote the government gravy, read on.

The Democrats will most likely hand pick half a dozen illegal Mexicans and have them stand up and speak about how they are justified in violating our immigration laws.  All six will most likely have a college education, paid for by you, the taxpayer.  Then, without once referencing how they, or their parents violated immigration laws, they will talk about the woe their family has had to endure as they forged work papers, or stole someone's ID.  Hovering above it all will be a general call for "immigration reform" which really means abandoning the immigration laws already in place...totally valid and workable if they were only enforced.

Then, one of the party big-wigs will trot out a few Muslims who have not yet blown up a public building or massacred people in a public mall, then argue that we must take in a couple of hundred thousand Syrian refugees...because it's the only "fair" thing to do.

Throughout the convention we will hear how anyone who opposed massive illegal immigration is a racists.  At least a dozen times we will hear "that's not who we are as Americans".

After sucking Hispanic ass, the convention will move toward some massive Black ass kissing.  We'll hear speeches about bad cops and we'll hear, for the ten thousandth time that more money has to go into Black neighborhoods (because the thousand fold increase in Black education is simply not enough).

After that we'll begin to detect the stirrings of a movement to forgive the $2 trillion dollars in student loan debt (run up by Gender and Ethnic Studies majors who bought cars and ordered pizza three times a week with their student loan money).  The "Dims" will then advocate for total forgiveness of the debt (with you, the working stiff paying for it) and, in the future, free college education for everyone (again you get the bill).

On the 3rd day old Bernie will get up there and speak.  He'll talk about 90% tax rates for the wealthy and get massive applause from the $15 dollar an hour burger flippers in attendance.  

On the last night, Hillary, fresh from getting a free pass for lying about her emails and exchanging favors to foreign countries who kicked in a few dozen million to the Clinton foundation, and for allowing national security to be compromised, will laundry list her resume; First Lady, Senator from New York, Secretary of State.  She'll go heavy on "office holder" and light on accomplishment.

Then, in that raspy "dyke" voice, she'll promise everybody something, and never explain how she'll pay for all the massive goodies.

Any questions?


theRandyGuy said...

Perfect synopsis, with one exception: The savage attacks (consisting of lies) which will be launched by every speaker on Trump, the Republican party, conservatism, and traditional values. As an aside, the BS faction is royally pissed at these new e-mails which show (act surprised now) the Democrat party intelligencia conspired to insure BS never had a chance to unseat The Queen. This could be very entertaining if they decide to act out as they usually do.....

Carol said...

You, sir, get a standing ovation from me. You're probably right on the money!

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, I don't think a single America was shocked by the DNC debacle. Goes to show just how openly everyone knows of their corruption. Doesn't mean Dems won't vote for her anyway...that's their modus operandi.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks much, Carol. Stay cool up there!