Monday, June 6, 2016

"Bullying Donald Trump...A Sure Fire Way To Lose"


God help me, I have begun to feel sorry for Donald Trump.  As my readers know, I despise the guy.  But no one likes to see anyone bullied.  (We learned that as early as grade school)  This past week the liberal mainstream media, and liberal elites, have gone in full attack mode on The Donald.  And the more they do it, the more I am tempted to swallow my bile and vote for the bastard.

First we saw the coordinated attack on Trump by an organization that purports to be a "veterans group".  VoteVets.Org is comprised of a group of liberals, some of them vets, some of them just Republican haters.  So, last week VoteVets mounted a lying campaign about Trump's donations to veterans groups.  Sadly, as you dig into it, you find John Kerry and Bob Kerry, a couple of retired generals, and a whole bunch of liberals whose soul purpose of their 503B existence is to elect Democrats.  It seems that 99 percent of the money they raised went not to vets, but to Democratic election campaigns.

That pissed me off royally!

Then came the liberal mainstream networks, spending 90 percent of their coverage on any dirt they could dig up on Trump, while almost never mentioning revelations about the State Department's Inspector General report on Killary's email server, deleted emails, and the ever-growing FBI investigation of Killary's evil doings.

Then the Washington Post and New York Times swept the Hillary investigation off their front be replaced by hit pieces on Trump and his Trump University debacles.

Alas, instead of allowing Trump to "hoist his own petard", and fail himself, the liberals across the broad political spectrum are ganging up on Trump.  So fearful of the Trump-Clinton tight poll numbers, the press, the Democratic politicians (including Emperor Barry) have stepped in to try and right the ship.    How stupid they all are; the more they gang up on Trump, the more the American people see the unfairness of it all and begin to move over to Trump's corner.

It's too early to see how it all pans out, but if the libtards were smart they'd stick with promising free healthcare to illegals, free college for the masses, and a food stamp card in everyone's wallet.

Sadly, the Dems are stupid, and that stupidity, combined with a candidate who's an habitual liar, and corrupt and crooked as they come, just might cost them an election.


Ken said...

"Corrupt and crooked as they come" must be talking about hillary? That's all I can deduce. I know you don't like Trump at all and this election like the last several is having only the lesser of two evils to vote for. Fortunately for me, I like the Donald, so for the first time in twenty years I have a candidate I feel like casting my vote for. I do pray he isn't all you say he is. I have read a lot about him and do like what I see. I never know for certain anymore. Our government has proven to me over the course of my life to be only reliable for one thing, its unreliability.

Jerrylee said...

I swallowed bile and voted for Trump in the California primary because the dems are bankrupting America and will destroy the laws of our constitution if in power. I'm having second thoughts. (not that I'll vote for Hillary) The guy's a total egomaniac who disregards sound advise from his campaign staff. He's better suited to be the dictator in Venezuela or someplace in Africa. Oh yeah, he's a real estate genius and that may qualify him to be a hedge fund manager, not POTUS. You do not need to be really sharp to deduce that Trump University was a major fraud. If elected, he may be the only setting president sent to prison for scamming retirees out of their life savings.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, we have the unfortunate luck to have the two primary candidates who are both despicable. I wrote this before those illegal Mexicans up in San Jose were beating up Trump supporters. if the Dems and the illegals keep it up I just might swallow real hard and vote for...oh hell, I can't even say it.