Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Migrant Migraines


I just read a news article that had me laughing out loud. Seems that homeowners in Oregon are defacing "Home For Sale" signs up there. Oregonians are enraged by the huge influx of Californians to that state, bringing with them their deep love for illegal Mexicans and Socialist views on minimum wage and transgender bathrooms.

To those Oregonians; I have news for you; "it's too late." The first mass migration of Californians to Oregon occurred in the 1970's. Those transplanted Californians turned both Oregon and Washington into "Liberalland" long ago.

Oregonians, you may take comfort that you are not alone. The news item reports that, in the last year, 665,000 Californians moved to either Oregon, Washington, Nevada or Arizona. Not to worry though...that 655,000 were easily replaced by illegal Mexican transplants who've had the "Welcome" mat layer out for them by none other than Governor Moonbeam.

And, isn't it ironic that, once those new California transplants get to their new state, they immediately begin lobbying for laws and practices that destroyed California for the Middle Class in the first place! One only need look at how conservative Washington state and Oregon were 30 years ago to see how relatively quickly those Californians can "soil their new diaper". Washington and Oregon are now "illegal invader loving", "transgender worshipping", big government spending, gun grabbing, clones of the California philosophy.

So far, here in Arizona, we've held those California turds at bay. Our legislature meets only three months a year, get paid $24,000 a year (versus Sacramento's year round $150,000 plus per diem legislature that exists to write more legislation and coddle freaks) and our statehouse continues to keep taxes low, allow you to exercise your 2nd Amendment, and generally try to stay out of your personal life.

I fear for Arizona. Yes, we're more hearty here. We haven't been lazing around in a marijuana stupor as California migrants hi-jacked us as happened in Washington and Oregon....but you can never be too careful.

Hey Oregonians! Sorry man, but you should have fought harder back in the 70''s too late now!

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