Monday, June 27, 2016

Barack "Barney Fife" Obama


A few weeks ago Barack Obama jumped in Air Force One, flew over to London, and lectured the Brits about staying in the European Union...or else!  Obama said "if you drop out you're going to end up in the back of the que (line).

Well, the Brits were so pissed that this arrogant Yank came over and telling them how to run their country, Obama, rather than helping the EU cause, actually destroyed any chance that the UK would stay.

That arrogance has been Obama's "thing" since he was first elected.  I don't know....maybe it was those idiots giving him the Nobel Prize before he even earned it, or maybe he's naturally arrogant, but Obama has been America's "Barney Fife" for far too long...and it is virtually destroying us.

Back in Mayberry we had Andy to rein in old Barney.  Whenever Barney started slapping at his holster, elevating his chin and puffing out his chest, Andy would somehow get Barney out of the trouble that ensued.  Sadly, we don't have an "Andy" anymore.  So we've had this pompous little ass of a President, eternally bragging about his accomplishments and prowess, while having virtually none.

So, last Friday the Brits voted themselves out of the EU.  Brits just got weary of being told by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels telling them how to live their lives, even to the point of banning British tea kettles, saying they were bad for the environment.

Well, even as we speak, those British tea kettles are back on the stove top....steaming away for morning tea.  Here in America a not insignificant number of Americans are steaming too.  We don't know how it's going to turn out but it's not looking good for our government masters.


theRandyGuy said...

Concur, but with a warning. Half of America is fully behind the Obamas in government - more power for them doesn't bother many of our countrymen at all. The divide in America is along many lines, with economic and race the predominant ones. The result is the party in power has the authority and will use it to push forward their agenda (R's, to no one's surprise, have done little to nothing along those lines, evidently afraid of "offending" some minuscule minority faction {that wouldn't support the R's in any circumstance anyway}). Looking ahead, when HRC takes the WH, combined with a Dim majority Senate but still facing a R controlled House, she will be unwilling to simply hold the office. Obama's arrogance actually works against him in some ways, since his "legacy" could potentially be damaged if he overreaches - and he knows it. HRC holds no such pretenses.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, Randy, and Obama has divided us even further. The Hillary thing is gonna be troubling.