Friday, June 10, 2016

The Blindside


Millions of Americans have cast their lot with Hillary Clinton.  Millions have voted for Bernie Sanders.  Both have promised to expand Obama's crusade to transition America into a socialist state.

I have no answers to this, folks.  Anyone with a rational mind should be able to look at Cuba, or Russia, or, of late, Venezuela to see that Socialism doesn't work.  

Both the Democratic politicians and their followers seem to be blind...stone cold what socialism does for a society and an economy.

Even as I write this, Venezuelans are standing in long lines, just for the remote promise that they might get half a pound of beef, or a roll of toilet paper.    Anyone up on their history?  Venezuela use to be a prosperous of cattle and oil and tourism!  Everyone thinks Saudi Arabia has all the oil.  Well, look it up, folks; Venezuela holds the world's largest oil reserves!  And they were once one of the largest exporters of coffee and cocoa!

Then along came Hugo Chavez, and he promised that, if elected, he'd nationalize industry, seize the wealth of the rich, and no one in Venezuela would ever have to work again!

How did that turn out?  Just look at that pic above, or the thousands of images online.  Folks are starving, folks are dying of disease, folks are miserable...and all in a land with so many natural resources...but, alas, no entrepreneurs!

Yet American youth are just eating up everything that Hillary and Bernie says!  It used to be a politician only needed to utter "a chicken in every pot!".  Now if you don't promise free I-Phones and $15 dollar burger flipper wages, and free college for everyone, you ain't nothing!  

Our illiterate, badly educated but well socialist indoctrinated youth have gotten into harness,  strapped on the blinders and are pulling the liberal plow.  How sad for them.  How sad for our country.

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Ken said...

How sad for our country!