Friday, June 24, 2016

Democrats "Gunning" To Take Your 2nd Amendment Away


How many of you have actually read H.R. 236, the Democratic measure before the House that calls for great gun controls?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

H.R. 236 sounds so benign...."insure gun sales are not allowed for anyone on the terrorists list."  Sounds reasonable, right?  Google it folks....the Democrats are not just talking about the few thousands of Muslims with ties to extremist groups.  Or even a few home grown radicals.  The Democrats want to deny guns to just about anyone whose ever voiced displeasure with our government masters...and there are millions of us out here!  My blogs alone would keep me from owning a gun!  

Let's look further.  H.R. 236 would deny gun ownership to folks under 25 who have ever committed an act of violence, school yard brawls or sibling fights included!  

H.R. 236 denies guns to anyone whose been accused of stalking.  While that sounds okay, there are 50 different state laws on stalking, all of them different.  If Bobby, a senior in high school, suffering a childhood crush, follows Peggy Sue home from school, Peggy might call the cops and Bobby's got himself a police record.  In some Eastern states "stalking" can constitute a soulful stare across the classroom.  

H.R. 236 says that same "Bobby", if he is lucky enough to score a bottle of booze, and shares it with his buddies is "gun ineligible".

H.R. 236 also makes it a crime to transport a weapon across state lines...reciprocal agreements between states would henceforth be null and void.  

But the big, big problem I have with H.R. 236 is that it gets the nose of our government masters under the tent.  And once they get that nose in our tent, they'll continue to expand the power of government to restrict your gun rights.

You might find it fascinating that Republicans actually supported many of the essentials of expanded gun control legislation!  For example, they too want to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.  And their proposal would give the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI expanded powers to seize weapons and affect an arrest of anyone whose currently on the terrorists list, as well as those who come later!  (You didn't see that in the mainstream media, did you?)

Folks, whether it is the Democrats failing to see a connection between welfare payouts and excessive child breeding, or abortion as a form of birth control, or the grand denial that gun control laws don't work (except for the law-abiding), the Dems are not only "freedom deniers"...they are so totally ignorant of how the world works!

So, the Dems are having their little "sit-in" on the floor of the U.S. House.  Their parents, following the nostrums of Dr. Spock, spared the rod, spoiled the child, are now throwing a tantrum on the floor of the people's house.

Screw the "time-outs"...time to go out, pick a good ole tree switch, and put a whuppin on em.


theRandyGuy said...

I read HR 236, and what you wrote is correct. The biggest issue I have is the blatant violation of Due Process: In the USA today, we don't strip the rights of citizens without a criminal conviction. This bill would do just that - on a secret government list? No firearms for you. Sen. Joe Manchin (D, WV) accidentally spoke the truth for professional politicians this week when he said "Due process is killing us." He backpedeled as quickly a possible after the furor erupted, but make no mistake: The pols would eagerly strip us of what little is left of our liberty if they thought they could do so without endangering either their hallowed political career, or their lives. The second their handlers assure them the time is right, under the guise of security or some other invented rationale, your constitutional rights will be gone. The next four years will be very ugly, as HRC takes the office of the Presidency despised by at least half of the nation. The result? Government will be left to act in defiance of the people, and they will.

A Modest Scribler said...

All too true, Randy. I keep waiting for that 2nd Civil War to erupt at any moment. The sheep are lulling others to sleep or it would have started by now. We have allowed the liberals to become militant and someday we'll pay for it...or they will.