Friday, June 17, 2016

Trump Is Not Wrong; He Just Doesn't Know How To Say It


Well, last week Donald Trump got in trouble again, accusing a Latino judge of being biased because he's "Latino"....the thought being that, because The Donald wants to build a wall, the Latino judge might look unfavorably upon him as he presides over Trump's "Trump U" trial.

Trump is most assuredly not wrong about that Latino judge.  Thanks to those eight years with Bill Clinton this country's judiciary is replete with small armies of liberal judges, many of them selected not for their judicial acuity but for their ethnicity.  And so we end up with these bizarre judicial decisions that say grown men can piss right beside little girls, and that we have to educate and medicate and incarcerate every illegal invader who crosses our border, or that our Health Care providers have to foot the bill for transgender surgeries.

One need only look at the Supreme Court to see how very little of "real law" is decided.  Instead we see four liberal judges who always lay down, spread their legs, and take whatever Barack Hussein Obama chooses to offer them.  By contrast, we see our four "conservative" judges weight the merits of an issue against Constitutional principles to make their decisions...even when we don't like them.

So Trump is not wrong in his diatribe against that Latino judge.  Instead of raising "ethnicity", he should have pointed out that liberal judicial systems are not only fracturing our society, but literally destroying it.

Trump is inarticulate.  He is an exploiter of our national frustrations.  He's an egomaniac and just generally quite the idiot.  But, he is right enough in his criticisms and, though he never hits the target, his slings and arrows land close enough to the truth to resonate in the minds of our more rationally minded citizens.

Trump will not win...he's proven to be his own worst enemy.  While I have no fondness for his Democrat attackers, or the "politically correct" RINOs of his own party who gasp at Trump's many blunders, Trump could have been the candidate who might have turned things around.

Sadly, Trump's mouth is simply not capable of articulating the obvious....that we are being destroyed by liberals sitting in judge's chairs, and in the Oval Office, in Congress , and in every bureaucratic cubicle in the land.

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Frank Krzesowiak said...

You seem pretty sure "Trump won't win" but I think this Country is getting tired of the "Muslim thing". Hillary winning will just keep it going for another 4 years. Trump winning will stop it. You overestimate the patience of the people. It will come down to "do you want 4 more years of Muslims slaughtering Americans or do you want to put a stop to it"? The choice is obvious. Begrudgingly, people will vote Trump if for no other reason than to save American lives and maybe their Children's/Grandchildren'a lives...